Jewelry Making Tip: Make Your Own Earring Wires

Earring Wire DIY

With Earrings Every Day Month coming up, I thought it would be helpful to post a couple of the earring wire tutorials I have done in the past.

Sure, you can purchase earring wires already made and that’s a quick alternative to making your own, but it is so simple and surprisingly easy to make your own, you’ll stop buying those pre-made earring wires forever.

Plain Earring Wires

Plain Earrings Wire Video Tutorial

(clicking on the above link takes you to ECT TV Episode 24 which also includes an earring tutorial.  It should start the video right where the earring wire tutorial starts.  For photos of how to make plain earring wires, click here)

How to Make Spiral Earring Wires

Spiral Earring Wires

These are a fun spin to plain earring wires.

Hoop Earrings Tutorial


(Also includes my Junk Earrings Tutorial)

Other Earring Wires:

In Earrings eCourse I also show you how to make a different spiral earring wire, knotted earring wires and kidney earring wires.

And that’s just in the intro to the eCourse!  Additionally, you’ll get 30 earring tutorials, one each day of September in conjunction with Earrings Every Day Month.  Learn more about Earrings eCourse here.


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