Jewelry Making Quick Tip: Covering Crimp Beads with Wire

Covering crimp beads with wire

I was finishing up a bracelet that I was making with the wire beads that I showed you how to make in ECT TV Episode 80 and I realized I only had silver crimp beads.

Instead of waiting to get the right color, I decided to finish the bracelet with the silver crimp beads and come up with a solution.

Here’s what I came up with:

Covering crimp beads with wire

Here’s the full bracelet:

Covering crimp beads with wire

Do you want to make beautiful wire jewelry, but you’re not sure where to start?  Not sure what wire to choose (which hardness or what gauge to use) and there are so many tools to pick from, where do you even start?

Not to mention how people get those perfect wraps and loops and make their wire jewelry look so nice.

What if you could spend days learning everything you needed to know to get started and make your first piece of wire jewelry?

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