Jewelry Design Inspiration: Nature

Jewelry Design Inspiration:  Nature

As you may have noticed if you have been reading this blog for any amount of time, nature is a huge inspiration for me.  I have just started keeping a nature journal and I go out into nature anytime I get the chance.  (Which of late has been daily!  Yay!)

Jewelry Design Inspiration:  Nature

Recently I visited the Mill Creek Falls with my husband.  The falls  were easy to get to once we find the trail, but it did take a couple trips because we had incorrect directions.

I love waterfalls.  I find them relaxing, inspiring and just simply beautiful.  Before getting to the falls I was grouchy and annoyed.  As soon as we found the right trail and I were on the path to the falls I was relaxed, calm and happy again.

Jewelry Design Inspiration:  Nature

I often talk about being inspired by nature and picking colors or shapes or just the general feeling of inspiration and recharge you get from nature.  But in this circumstance I picked up some souvenirs (rocks) to actually use in jewelry.

I have a rock collection and we often will pick up a rock or two from a river or place we visit.  In this case the rocks all had this metallic quality to them.  Also, I love rocks that have been smoothed by water.

Jewelry Design Inspiration:  Nature

This is one of the rocks we found.  It isn’t smooth, but when I saw it I knew it would be perfect for a pendant.

We also gathered up a few more.

Jewelry Design Inspiration:  Nature

Even as I was picking them out I was envisioning a bracelet with these rocks all wrapped in brass or copper and picked them out for that specific purpose.

Here’s the jewelry I made from those rocks:

Stone Bracelet

Stone Bracelet

Stone necklace

I used brass wire to wrap the rocks and used brass findings to put it all together.

I love the look, but I also love that the rocks came from such a beautiful place where I have such wonderful memories.

How does nature inspire you?

Here’s 30 seconds of the Mill Creek Falls if you need a moment of relaxation:


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