Jewelry Business Tips: Business Plan

Jewelry Business Tips

I wrote a post about How to Be Successful Selling Handmade Jewelry about a year ago.  That post gave an overview of some tips.

Since so many people have asked, I have decided to teach an online Jewelry Business eCourse!  It starts on March 2, 2015.  It’s a 5 week course with videos, worksheets, audios and PDF eBooks designed for you if you’re wondering how on earth to get started selling handmade jewelry.  (Registration is open!!  More information here!)

Each Friday I’ll be bringing you a free tip right here on the blog or you can sign up to get a weekly Jewelry Business Tip in your inbox here.

Jewelry Business Tips:  Business Plan

Business Plans

By a business plan, I’m not talking about the kind of business plan you need to get loans or funding.  I’m simply talking about making a plan for your business so you know where you are and where you’re heading.

We will deep very deeply into this subject in the Jewelry Business eCourse and you’ll get to submit me your business plan for my review and suggestions.  (And you’ll even get access to my Scrapbook Business Plan Workshop which isn’t available by itself anymore.  Which is great if you want a more creative way to plan your business!)

Today I want to give you an overview of things you’ll want to consider when planning your business.

– Why?

First you’ll want to consider why it is you’re starting a business at all.  What does it mean for you or the larger community.

– What?

What exactly are you selling?  You’ll want to also know your style and be able to precisely describe it.

– Who?

Who are your customers?  Describe them as completely as possible or who will they be if you haven’t started selling yet.

– How?

How does your product fit in with your customer’s life?  Is it a gift, a treat for herself?

– Mission Statement.

Write a mission statement about your business.  Be as clear and direct as possible.

– Where have you been?

Where have you been with your business?  If you’re just starting your business, what is your background?

– Where is your business heading for the next few years?

Come up with a plan for the next few years.

– Marketing Plan.

How do you intend to market your business?  Social media?  Advertising?  And what social media platforms and where will you advertise?

– Pricing.

What is your pricing plan?  (I plan to talk about this in more detail in a future article.)

Do you have a range of prices?

– Financial

What are your start up costs?  What materials and tools do you need?  What inventory and supplies do you need to get started?

– Promotional Calender

What holidays affect your business?  How will you promote your business.

Ready to dig in deeper and finally start your jewelry business?  Register for my Jewelry Business eCourse.

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