Intro to Jewelry Making eCourseThank you so much for signing up for the mini eCourse! I hope you’ve learned some new stuff and are ready to start making jewelry!

You are  100% ready to take on my eBook Wire Wrapping for Beginners.  You can read all about it here.

For your reference, here’s a place where you can find links to all of the lessons:

Lesson 1:  Why is Creativity Important?

Lesson 2:  3 Basic Tools You Need to Start Wire Wrapping

Lesson 3:  2 More Tools for Wire Wrapping

Lesson 4:  Hammers in Jewelry Making

Lesson 5: How to Use a Crimp Tool

Lesson 6:  Wire Workshop

Lesson 7:  How to Make a Wire Wrapped Bead Dangle

Lesson 8:  How to Make a Wire Wrapped Bead Link

Lesson 9:  How to Customize Jewelry Tutorials to Create Unique Jewelry

Lesson 10:  Quick and Simple Wire Earrings

Lesson 11:  How to Make a Stretch Bracelet and Customize it with Bead Dangles

Lesson 12:  Double Strand Bracelet

Lesson 13:  Wire Circle Pendant

Lesson 14:  Wire Wrapped Rose Ring