Intro to Wire Wrapping

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In this eCourse you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started making jewelry with wire.

We’ll start with wire safety and information about wire, tools and then learn some wire wrapping techniques you’ll use over and over again.  Finally you’ll get a few simple projects to get you started.

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About the videos:

You can play the videos here on this page, watch them on Vimeo or even download them. To download them click on the “vimeo” on the right lower corner.  When the video opens you’ll see an option to download the video.  (Note: these videos are large and will take up a lot of room on your device.)

About the PDF eBooks: 

To download you can right click the link for the PDF and then click “save as” or just click the link to open the PDF.  The PDFs contain the same information as the videos.


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Share Your Work:

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Ready?  Let’s get started!

Wire Safety:

For the Wire Safety PDF eBook, click here:  Wire Safety

Wire Temper (or Hardness):

For the Wire Temper PDF eBook, click here:  Wire Temper

Wire Gauge (or Thickness):

For the Wire Gauge PDF eBook, click here:  Wire Gauge

Tools for Wire Wrapping:

For the Tools PDF eBook, click here:  Tools


3 Tips for Wire Wrapping:

For the 3 Tips PDF eBook, click here:  3 Tips

Tip #1:

Tip #2:

Tip #3:

Wire Wrapped Loop:

Wire Wrapped Loop

For the Wire Wrapped Loop PDF eBook, click here:  Wire Wrapped Loop

Bead Dangle:

Bead Dangle

For the Bead Dangle PDF eBook, click here:  Bead Dangle

Earring Wires:

Earring wires

For the Earring Wire PDF eBook, click here:  Earring Wires

Wire Wrapped Bead Link:

Wire Wrapped Bead Link

For the Wire Wrapped Bead Link PDF eBook, click here:  Wire Wrapped Bead Link

Opening and Closing Jump Rings:


Simple Earrings:

Simple Earrings

For these earrings simply make a bead dangle (see above for video and PDF eBook), Earring Wires (see above for video and PDF eBook) and put them together!

Bead Link Bracelet Technique 1:

Wire Wrapped Bead Link Bracelet

For this project make wire wrapped bead links, connect them with jump rings and then add a clasp with jump rings.

Bead Link Bracelet Technique 2:

Wire Wrapped Bead Link Bracelet

For the PDF eBook for the Interlocking Wire  Wrapped Bead Link Bracelet, click here:  Wire Wrapped Bead Link Bracelet – Interlocking

Other ideas:

There are endless jewelry pieces you can make withe skills you already know!  Try combining techniques to make tiered earrings or hang dangles from your bracelet.  Use the Bead Link Bracelet techniques to make a necklace.  Get creative!


Next Steps:

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