Inspired Mini Series: Art Journal to Jewelry Week #1-A

Inspired Mini Series

I have a fun new series of videos for you over the next few weeks!

The “Inspired Mini Series!”

This is a series of art journal prompts that I will then show you (hopefully giving you inspiration!) how to translate into jewelry pieces.

This series will be very inspiration in nature, so there won’t be jewelry tutorials, but I will be explaining to you how to go from a journal prompt to journal page to jewelry piece.

You can find the first prompt and introduction here:  Week 1

And now we’re moving on to Week 1-A!

Here’s the video:

In this video, you’ll learn how I take inspiration from the art journal page I created with the first prompt, create a map for a jewelry piece and then ultimately create a jewelry piece.

The steps are also outlined below if you prefer to read rather than watch the video.

Adventure Necklace

And as promised in that video, here’s a little video with some very brief instructions on how I made the Adventure Necklace:

It’s not really step-by-step, but you will get an idea of how to put together this necklace if you’re interested in the process.

Week 1 Journal Page 2

Adventure Necklace

Going from Art Journal Page to Jewelry:

Step #1:

Look at your art journal page again.  Does anything call out to you or stick out to you?  Anything inspire you?

Step #2:

Make a map of ideas.  You don’t have to strictly follow this map (or follow it at all really) but you do need to have an idea where to start.

I focused on one word from my art journal, “Adventure.”

I wrote that at the top of a new page.

Then I wrote these categories:

  • Themes
  • Colors and Stones
  • Techniques

And then I just brainstormed ideas.  When I think of adventure I think of travel and compasses and arrows, so I wrote that under “themes.”

For whatever reason, I thought of blues and greens for colors.  And then I jotted down some techniques I thought I might use.

I brainstormed some ideas for techniques I might use for my jewelry piece.

Step #3:

Gather up some supplies and start on your jewelry piece.

Use your map and see what you have on hand to make a jewelry piece.  Because I wrote “compass” in the theme, I thought of a compass coin I had in my scrapbook supplies that I knew could crossover into jewelry.  It also jogged my memory of the empty pocket watch piece I’ve had for quite a while and not done anything with.

This process will make you think of things, get ideas and remember supplies that you may have forgotten about long ago.

Have fun putting together your jewelry!  You can make anything you like.  It doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else.   Just because for some reason my brain equates blue with adventure doesn’t mean it’s true for you.  And certainly just because I decided to make an adventure necklace doesn’t mean you should.

Be inspired and make some jewelry! 

A new prompt will be coming next week!  🙂



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