Inspired Mini Series on Art Journaling and Jewelry Making Week #1

Inspired Mini Series

I have a fun new series of videos for you over the next few weeks!

The “Inspired Mini Series!”

This is a series of art journal prompts that I will then show you (hopefully giving you inspiration!) how to translate into jewelry pieces.

This series will be very inspiration in nature, so there won’t be jewelry tutorials per se, but I will be explaining to you how to go from a journal prompt to journal page to jewelry piece.

Here’s the first video, which includes an introduction to the series as well as the first prompt.

The same information is below if you would prefer not to watch me talking for around 10 minutes.  🙂

Nature Art Journal 9-30-15 b

A little about art journals before we get started:

I think a lot of people become overwhelmed about starting an art journal because the options are really limitless and you really can do anything.  I know that I get overwhelmed that way, too when it comes to art journaling.

I’m not going to give you parameters on what you can or should do in your own journal.  You can truly do anything.  You can strictly write, make lists, write poems, add color, collage, put photos on your page, doodle, draw, layer paints, use crayons, markers or watercolors.

However, if that is making you stuck because you truly don’t even know where to start, I’m going to suggest that you simply take the prompt that I will give you and then make a list – a simple handwritten list of whatever comes to mind.

Then if you want to get fancy, just go back with some color and underline or circle words that stand out to you or you can just make some little doodles along the edges.  You can use whatever pens, markers, crayons or paints you happen to have around.


Again, you can use anything.  So if you’re just beginning just grab a notebook or piece of paper and get started.  As you do this more and more you will find a journal or notebook that you really like (or several if you’re like me.)

Also you can use any pen, pencil, etc. that you like.  Right now I’m going through a watercolor and sharpie stage.  I have used acrylic paints, collage, photos, lots of layering of different papers, scrapbook-like techniques and others.  Just play around.  Or, if you’re overwhelmed simply use the technique I stated above and make a list and then just add some color.

You most likely have everything you need to get started right in your house right now!

Week 1

Now let’s move on to this week’s prompt!

Week #1 Prompt: 

The things I like most about my life are . . .

You can respond in any way you like.  You can simply do a list or you can get more adventurous.

In the video and photo below you’ll see that I actually changed this prompt in my own journal to “Things I love about my life . . .”

This was completely an accident, but I kind of like how I chose the word “love” instead of “like.”  You can use either word, of course.

My Page:

Week 1 Journal Page

As you can see, I simply made a list of everything that came to mind in that moment.  More and more things come to my mind now, so I may make another page in a different way – collage or taking photos of the things I love to collage or making drawings, etc.  But for now, this is my page.

After I made my list, I went back with my watercolors (which I’m loving right now, but you could use anything:  markers, highlighters, crayons, colored pencils, etc.) and highlighted and underlined some of the words and also did some doodling.

Okay, that’s your prompt.  So, make your art journal page with the prompt “The things I like most about my life are . . . ” and then on Friday I’ll give you some ideas and inspiration on how to take your journal page and transform it into a piece of jewelry!

Week 1 Journal Page 2


  1. najwa mansour says:

    Love the idea, can’t wait till friday. I’ve learned quite a lot about wired jewelery from the material i got. THANKS KIM

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