Inspired by Nature

Inspiration from Nature

A couple months back my husband told me about a pretty little park maintained by the historical society in our town.  We checked it out, and I fell in love.

It’s small – like a small backyard – but it’s beautiful.  Best part?  I have never actually run into anyone else there, so it’s like it’s my own personal garden.

Why do I like it so much?

It’s peaceful.  I can think there.  I can sit on the grass and look at the pond.  It’s right along the main road, but it’s separated from it by buildings.

It’s inspiring.

parkPeople often say they are inspired by nature, but it’s difficult to put into words what that really means.

First, what does inspire mean?

  • to produce or arouse (a feeling, thought, etc.)
  • to fill or affect with a feeling, thought, etc.
  • to influence or impel

For me, being inspired by nature means a couple of things:

1.  I make eco-friendly jewelry, so I am inspired by the beauty of nature and am worried about losing it to pollution and industrial sprawl.  So I try to help it stay unpolluted and clean (and even help it become less polluted and cleaner) and try to raise awareness as well.  I see trees, flowers and places like this park and I want to keep them around for ever.  I’d be devastated to find that someone put a parking lot in place of the park I like to visit.

2.  I am inspired by the colors, shapes and images of nature.  I think this is mostly what people mean when they say they are inspired by nature.

The way the brown bark of a tree looks against the blue sky.  Or that perfect shade of purple on a flower.  The beautiful shape of a leaf.

Nature is perfect and unencumbered by the design or architecture that is forced upon us by man.  Yes, man-made design can most definitely be beautiful, but nature is unspoiled by anger or any feelings at all or any kind of personal agenda.  It’s not paid to design in a certain way.

It just is.

As you spend more time in nature, you begin to focus and experience more of it.  Maybe a bee is buzzing around.  Maybe there is a plant that you didn’t notice before.

You become inspired:  you get a thought or feeling – or idea.  Then you create based upon that thought or feeling. Perhaps you’re an artist or writer, sewer or jewelry-maker.  Maybe you are inspired to go back to your office and work your butt off.

Maybe the inspiration is direct and you paint a tree, or maybe it’s more subtle.

It never ever makes things worse to be in nature.  Almost always it makes everything better!  Go find a cute park of your own!

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