Newspaper Flower Mixed Media Piece

Mixed Media Flower PaintingI have just started painting and I’m loving it!

I most like mixing up materials and techniques.  This piece is an example of that.

Here are what the layers are:

1.  I used colored pencils to make all the little symbols on the bottom layers.  From far away you don’t see the little images.

2.  Next I used watercolor to do a wash over the colored pencil.

3.  Then I made the flower using newspaper.  (Just make a flower pattern and just cut out a bunch until you have a fluffy flower.)  Then use a button and craft wire to bring it all together.

Newspaper Flower TutorialI used watercolors to paint each layer of the flower before putting it together.

Flower Mixed Media PaintingAnd I used a button in the middle.

4.  Then I painted the stem and leaves with acrylic.

5.  I added the flower to the painting by pushing the wire right through the canvas.

Flower Mixed MediaThis was such a fun and simple project.  I used what I had on hand.  Try making your own unique piece with things you have around the house!

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