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If you have been following along here on my blog, it’s probably no surprise to you that one of my biggest inspirations is nature.  I love to be in nature, I love to take photos of nature, I love to use what I see in nature as inspiration to create art and crafts.

One part of nature that is very fascinating to me is caves and caverns.  I have been to four caves that I can remember (maybe more as a child.)  It is so amazing to me that there is this whole other world completely underground.  Some caves even have lakes and rivers flowing through them!

Indian Echo Caverns


A couple of weekends ago my family when to Indian Echo Caverns in Hummelstown, PA.  This cave seemed even more spectacular to me than the others I have visited.  I tried to take photos, but the photos do not even show a 1/100th of the beauty of the cave.

Indian Echo Caverns

All the rich textures, all the beautiful shapes.

The light, of course, is artificial.  The weird thing, though, is plants actually grow there.  Apparently we collect plant spores and/or seeds on our clothes.  Then when we come into the cave and leave them behind.  The plants then grow in the artificial light and from the water that runs into the cave.

Cave 3


You truly feel like you are in another world as you explore a cave.

Indian Echo Caverns

Want to see more of my photos from Indian Echo Caverns?  Click here to go to my flickr photostream.

Here is the video that my husband created from our tour of the Indian Echo Caverns:

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