Inspiration Book Series: Introduction


Inspiration Book Series

Want to feel more inspired every day?

Want to find your inspiration?

My new free Inspiration Book Series will help you!

Each week get a creatively inspiring prompt right here on my website.  Do the prompt in your Inspiration book and feel more inspired!

Here’s a video to explain the Inspiration Book:


What you need now:

  • A sketch book, journal or notebook of any kind!
  • Your favorite pen(s).

Writing implements

Additional supplies we’ll use:

  • Markers, crayons, watercolors or colored pencils (whatever your favorite is!  You don’t need anything new. Just use what you already have.)
  • Old magazines – some of the prompts will involve making collages from magazines.  If you don’t subscribe to any (or you don’t want to cut them up!) then:
    • Check your local library.  My library has shelves of their free old magazines that you can just take.
    • Ask your friends or neighbors to save their old magazines for you.
    • Ask at offices you visit if they’re getting rid of their old magazines.
    • Note:  you won’t need a ton of magazines. It’s just good to think about ahead of time.
  • Camera or phone with camera – this is really optional, but I love photos in my Inspiration Book.

Let go of perfection:

I want you to use your book, so don’t worry about getting things perfect.  Stick anything in there that inspires you:  drawings, things you clip out from magazines, photos that you take of things that inspire you, favorite quotes, ideas, jewelry sketches.  Get it in your Inspiration Book for future reference!

So even though I’ll be providing weekly prompts, please use your Inspiration Book to add anything that inspires you every day.

I mention in the video that I’m using a smaller journal for my Inspiration Book so I can carry it with me.  When something catches your attention, put it in your Inspiration Book right away.  Don’t worry about making a beautiful page.  That’s not what the Inspiration Book is about.  The Inspiration Book is to capture inspiration and ideas.

(If you want to make a beautiful page then you can do that.  Just make sure to capture your idea or inspiration right away so you don’t lose it first.)

Coming up next:

Get ready!  We start next week.  Find a journal to use and maybe gather up a few supplies so you’re ready.


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