How to Make Spiral Earrings

Spiral Earrings TutorialI’ve been on a spirals kick lately.  Originally I was just going to make these plain spirals, but making jewelry is more fun with beads!

These beads are from Happy Mango Beads, my new favorite bead store!

Spiral Earrings TutorialMaterials and Tools:

  • Wire *
  • 2 Beads; I used 8mm round gemstones from Happy Mango Beads.
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Hammer (I used my nylon/rubber hammer)
  • Steel block or anvil
  • Optional:  Nylon covered pliers

*A note on wire.  I used 22 gauge wire because when I made my sample earring with 20 gauge I was having some troubles with it.  However, 20 gauge is the standard for earring wires.  If you are using 22 gauge wire, you will definitely not want to skip the hammering part to make your earrings stronger.

Step #1

Spiral Earrings TutorialCut 2 pieces of wire to 6″.  Make sure they’re even.

Also, make sure to flush cut each side with your wire cutters.  (Use the flat side of the cutters.)

Step #2

Spiral Earrings Tutorial

If it is easier for you to learn by video, I did a video on how to make a spiral headpin.  You’ll go around a could more times for this project, but you can get the general idea how to do it there.

Using round nose pliers, hold the wire.  The wire should be near the top, but not poking out through the pliers on top.  You should be able to run your figures over it.

Step #3

Spiral Earrings TutorialTwist your wrist away from yourself, forming a loop around the barrel of the pliers using your other hand.  When you’ve twisted as far as you can, open the pliers and readjust, leaving the pliers in the loop.  Complete the loop.

Spiral Earrings TutorialStep #4

Spiral Earrings TutorialHold the loop in chain nose pliers.

Step #5

Spiral Earrings TutorialPush the wire up and around the original loop.  Keep moving the loop in the chain nose pliers and wrapping the wire around the original loop.

Spiral Earrings TutorialSpiral Earrings TutorialI went around 4 times.

Spiral Earrings TutorialStep #6

Spiral Earrings TutorialSpiral Earrings TutorialUsing your chain nose pliers and bend the end of the wire so it’s straight.

Step #7

Spiral Earrings TutorialHammer just the spiral to harden it.  Do not hammer the extra wire at this time.

Step #8

Spiral Earrings TutorialSpiral Earrings Tutorial

Spiral Earrings TutorialSlide on a bead.

Just above the bead make a slight bend and then bend it back.  This will hold the bead on.

Step #9

Spiral Earrings TutorialSpiral Earrings TutorialAbout 1 1/2″ up from the bottom of the spiral, make a bend.  I bent it around my ring mandrel, but you can use anything like a pen, paintbrush, etc.

Step #10

Spiral Earrings TutorialMake a bend in the wire.  I made mine near where the bead is located.

Step #11

Spiral Earrings TutorialCut off any excess wire you may have.

Step #12

Carefully hammer the top part of the wire now to strengthen it.

Step #13

Spiral Earrings TutorialFile the end and round it out so it doesn’t snag your ears.

Step #14

Spiral Earrings TutorialEnjoy your new earrings!!

Spiral Earrings TutorialWays to Customize:

  • Use different beads.
  • Use more than just one bead (make sure to make your wire longer when starting.)
  • Make the spirals bigger or smaller.

Are you going to make them?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. LoveTheSky Designs says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! What kind of wire do you use? I like non-tarnish coated copper wire but I’m not sure if it’s best for ear wires. Do you know?

    • Kimberlie says:

      It depends on what your ears can tolerate. Some people have metal allergies and can only use sterling silver. I don’t have any problems and can use silver plated copper wire or even copper wire.

  2. meredith says:

    For people that react to metal look for claires in your local mall, i react to metal and glues in the earrings but claires carries these little plastic things you slide over the posts that stop the earring from touching skin so i can wear what i want when i want.

  3. Shital says:

    I am definitely going to make them! Thanks for this lovely earrings instructions. I was always wondering about how to stop that bead to slide out. You gave so easy trick! Thanks again.

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