How to Make Hammered Wire Earrings

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialThese earrings are so much fun to make and wear!  The only material you need is wire!  I used 18 gauge copper, but you could use any metal you like.

This tutorial will get you started with some very basic hammering.  If you haven’t done it before, this is a great tutorial to start with.  I also have a great tip for making your loops all the same!

Here we go!

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialMaterials and Tools:

  • 18 gauge copper wire
  • 20 gauge copper wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Hammer and metal block to hammer on (not pictured)
  • Nylon covered pliers (optional)

Step #1

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialCut six pieces of the 18 gauge copper wire:

  • 2 pieces of 3 1/2″
  • 2 pieces of 2 1/2″
  • 2 pieces of 1 1/2″

Note:  You can definitely customize these earrings to your own taste and liking.  If you prefer longer, cut longer wire; if you prefer shorter, cut shorter wire.  You can also use different metal if you like.

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialHINT:  Trim each side so they are flush cut.  Use the flat side of the wire cutters to get the flush cut.

Step #2

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialUse nylon pliers to straighten the wire.  It’s probably actually easier to do this as you’re cutting the wire because you have more to hang on to.

You can also often accomplish this by just using your hands in the same way.

Step #3

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialHINT:  When you’re making loops in wire, it’s a great idea to mark on your round nose pliers where you will be wrapping.  This is helpful when when making individual loops, so you can stay on track and also so you can make uniform loops.

You’ll see my pliers have two different spots marked.  I’ll be using the mark close the the end to make smaller loops.

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialGrasp on of the wires at the end of the round nose pliers.  Line it up the the mark you made.  The end should be at the top, but not poking out.  (You can run your finger over it to check.)

Step #4

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialRoll your wrist and the pliers away from you as far as you can.  Readjust the pliers and roll away again until the loop is complete.

Step #5

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialYou will end up with a “P.”  Then use your round nose or chain nose pliers (whatever works for you) and make a bend in the wire, so that the loop is centered at the top of the wire.

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialRepeat this process for each of the wires you cut.

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialStep #6

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialHammered Wire Earrings TutorialMy favorite part!!  Place each wire on a metal block or anvil and hammer it.  For this, you can really use any hammer you have or want.  Hammer until you’re happy with the the results.

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialHammered Wire Earrings TutorialStep #7

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialCut 2 pieces of 18 gauge wire to about 3″ long each.  Flush cut them.

Step #8

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialHammered Wire Earrings TutorialBend each wire about in half.  You can bend them around a marker or other round surface.

Step #9

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialHammered Wire Earrings TutorialFollow step #3 – #5 and create a loop on one end of each wire.  However, you’ll probably need to make the loop a little larger than the loops you made previously.

Step #10

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialBend the other end up a little at the other end.

Step #11

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialGently hammer the earring wires to help it keep it’s shape.  (I used a nylon hammer for this because it makes the wire stronger, but doesn’t leave marks.)

Step #12

Gently file the end of the earring wire (the part that will go into your ear.)

Step #13

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialOpen the loop of the earring wire.

Step #14

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialAdd each of the hammered wires to the earring wire, one at a time.  Each earring wire gets one of each size, starting with the largest to the smallest.

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialHammered Wire Earrings TutorialEnjoy your new earrings!!

Ways you can customize these earrings:

  • Use a different metal, like silver, or even mix the metals!
  • Use different sizes, make your earrings longer or shorter.
  • Use all the same size of wires.


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