How to Make a Stretchy Button Ring

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialThis is a great quick and easy tutorial that you could even have the kids make!  It takes very little materials and no tools!

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialMaterials:

  • Stretchy Bead Cord
  • Buttons (one or more per ring)
  • Small beads (you could use seed beads or other tiny beads

Step #1

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialCut off some elastic cord.  Measure the amount you need to go around your finger and add a few inches on each side.

Step #2

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialI used 2 beads for my ring and stacked them.  The first one was a shank button, so I just slid the cord through and centered the button.

Step #3

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialThen slide the other button so it will actually be under the shank button.  You can also stack flat buttons or just use one button.

Step #4

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialStart adding beads to the cord.  Just add as many as you need to go around your finger.

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialStep #5

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialNext you’ll tie a knot in your ring.  It is close to impossible to see how to do this on invisible stretchy cord, so I’ll show you with yarn instead.

First make a tie, like you are starting to tie your shoe.

Step #6

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialTie another knot like the first (I think this would be called a square knot), but DON’T pull it tight yet.

Step #7

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialTake the lose cord on the right and wrap around the inside of the knot again.

Step #8

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialNow do the same on the left side, too.  Your basically just wrapping the end in and around the knot.

Step #9

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialPull the knot tight.

Step #10

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialTest the knot by pulling it and putting the ring on your finger before cutting off the ends.  When you’re satisfied that your knot will hold, then trim the ends close to the knot.

Step #11

Stretchy Button Ring TutorialEnjoy your new ring and make tons of them!!

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