How to Make a Beaded Stretch Bracelet

How to Make a Stretch BraceletHow to Make a Beaded Stretch Bracelet

Stretch Bracelets are a great way to get started in jewelry, mainly because you don’t need any special tools.  You just need beads and the elastic cord.  The creativity is in the beads and how you arrange them.

Once you have created your stretch bracelet, try a Stretchy Bracelet with Charms, see a different take on a stretchy bracelet or try a Stretch Button Ring.  Prefer to learn via video?  See ECT TV Episode 1 for a video on how to make a stretch bracelet.

Stretchy Bracelet TutorialMaterials:

  • Beads
  • Elastic cord
  • Optional:  tape

Step #1

Stretchy Bracelet Tutorial

Cut a piece of elastic cord long enough to fit around your wrist, plus about 6 extra inches.

Step #2

Stretchy Bracelet Tutorial

String the beads onto the elastic cord.  To keep the beads from sliding off one end, you can place tape on one end of the cord.

Stretchy Bracelet Tutorial

Step #3

Stretchy Bracelet Tutorial

Tie knot in the cord.  There is a specific way to tie the knot so it stays.

I’ve taken photos with a darker string so it’s easier to see:

Stretchy Bracelet Tutorial

Stretchy Bracelet Tutorial

Tie a regular beginning of a knot, like you’re tying your shoes.

Stretchy Bracelet Tutorial

Tie another one, but do NOT pull it tight yet.

Stretchy Bracelet Tutorial

Wrap the loose right end around once again.

Stretchy Bracelet Tutorial

Then wrap the left loose end around again.

Stretchy Bracelet Tutorial

Then pull the knot tight.

Step #4

Stretchy Bracelet Tutorial

Pull it apart and stretch it to make sure that the knot will stay and not slip.

Step #5

Stretchy Bracelet TutorialTrim off the excess cord.

I like to pull a bead over the knot, too.

How to Make a Stretchy Bracelet


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