How to be Successful in Craft Shows (now that things have changed)

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Ah, craft shows….

Craft Show season is upon us!  It’s really already started, but it’s not too late to get in on the action if you’ve been thinking about it.

No doubt about it, craft shows have changed over the years since I started doing them.  It used to be that as long as a craft show had a decent number of attendees (a/k/a customers) you could be successful.  Or as some people say, “It’s a numbers game.  The more people, the more sales.”

But I have found people are buying quite as easily anymore at craft shows lately.

And even if the attendance is low, if you are in the right place you can still have a great show.

You may do well at a show, while the person in the booth next to you does lousy.  It is actually not a “numbers game” really at all, not in that way.

The good news is that you can still be very successful at craft shows with a little work.

  • You have to be prepared.
  • You have to know your target audience.
  • You have to choose wisely.
  • And you have to maybe change your expectations a bit.

That last one, change your expectations, yeah, I know it sounds a little gloomy.  I don’t mean for it to be.  You should always go into a craft show with optimism and hopefulness.  However, if you think about each craft show more as a time for research and really connecting with and getting to know your customers and less about making money, you will be happy with the results no matter what they are.

For example, I did a craft show not so long ago that I have done for years – ever since the show was started.  In fact, it was my first successful craft show that I did.  The last time I did it, it was a bust.  I was disappointed and frustrated with how much work it was.  As you may know, I sell jewelry so although it’s not a lot of heavy lifting, it is a significant amount of tedious work setting up my booth.

The reason I did that show was because I had always done it and always done well.  I hadn’t put a lot of thought or research into it, to be honest.  I actually had missed the previous year’s show as well, so  I wasn’t aware of the changes.  To continue to be successful at craft shows, you have to continue to do your research.

And I was disappointed because I went in with the wrong attitude.  I did meet a lot of people that day.  I learned a lot about what people were looking at and drawn to and about the items that they did purchase.  I learned who those people where, who they were buying for and what circumstances.

Instead of being thrilled with all that information, I was upset because I didn’t do as well financially.

Being prepared, knowing your customers, choosing the right show and going in with the right mindset are all crucial to being successful at craft shows.

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