How to be Creative when you Feel Burned Out

Nature Walk


Sometimes I feel a little burned out.  I feel tired and stuck.  I have something that I know I want to create, but I just can’t quite figure it out.

I think we all get that way, whether we feel we are creative or not.

Yesterday I felt that way.  I couldn’t exactly find my focus and I was trying to push myself to find it.

Then I watched these Creativi – Tea videos about your inner artist by Jani Franck.  Then I took a nap and while falling asleep I sort of daydreamed about the solution to my problem.  (Honestly, I didn’t particularly come up with anything while I was daydreaming.)

Then I took a short walk to a little park nearby.  I took a bunch of photos and made a video about it:

After the walk I pulled out a sketchpad and some sharpies and brainstormed ideas.



I had so many ideas and the solution to my creative problem!

Here’s why I think it worked:

  • Jani is amazing and inspiring.  
  • I was exhausted.  So I took a nap.  While falling asleep I focused on the problem and maybe my subconscious started to work it out.
  • I got out of my normal environment (the walk.)
  • My normal medium, as you know, is jewelry.  I do often journal and I often take photos, too. However, this time (and I think Jani mentioned this) I was thinking about the actual feeling — the sense of touch.  How the camera shutter felt when I took the photos.  How the sharpies felt on the sketch paper.  Somehow that also opened my mind up.  Plus just doing something outside your norm can help shake you up creatively.

Are you struggling with something right now?  Feeling burned out?  Feel like you’re missing   something creatively.  Try one of the options I did.  Take a walk, take a nap, daydream, grab some markers or colored pencils and give it a try.

And that thing that I mentioned I’m creating?  It’s a gift for you!  I’ll be working on it.  Make sure you’re the first to know when it’s done!  Pop your email in the box below to join my exclusive mailing list:

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