How to Be Creative Even When You’re Busy [7 Actionable Tips]

7 Tips for Being Creative when Busy

A lot of us are really busy.  Maybe you have a job, kids, dinner to make, laundry to fold, friends to meet, meetings to attend or any number of other things.

It can be difficult to carve out time for making jewelry (or whatever other art you want to make.)

I find this especially true during the holiday season.  Our schedules get changed and we have parties to attend or family to visit.

Even if you had jewelry making in your normal daily routine, it can be difficult when that normal daily routine gets changed.

Here are some ways to make sure that you are getting your creative time even when you’re busy:

1.  Schedule it in.

I know this seems pretty obvious, but recently I was trying to figure out how to actually finish a year long project I’m working on (and got behind on.) I scheduled it and now I’m making progress again!

For my project, I decided to dedicate Sunday evenings to it.  I was trying to make it so complicated thinking I should work on it every day for a little bit, but then I was finding it difficult to find the time each day.

So I chose a few hours just one day per week.

I went from trying to work on it every single day and not actually doing that to working on it a few hours each week and actually making some progress.

2.  Gather your supplies in one place.

If you have to dig out everything from here and there every time you want to make some jewelry, it can be a barrier.

Instead keep your most used tools and supplies easily accessible.

If you have a dedicated studio or room to work in, then you can keep everything out and ready to go.

If not, keep your most used items together in one place.  For example, if you work on the kitchen table and have to put things away when it’s dinnertime, then maybe find a box or basket to keep items in so you can easily move things.

If you’re taking Wire Wrapping for Beginners eCourse, your most used tools will be wire cutters, chain nose pliers and round nose pliers.  You might want to keep your 20 gauge, half-hard, round wire handy as well.

I know you probably have more supplies than can fit in a basket, so thinking about what you want to work on in your next jewelry making session ahead of time can be helpful.  You can pull out those supplies ahead of time.

3.  Plan your creativity.

Decide what you’re going to work on in your next jewelry making session before you actually sit down to work.

When I had a full-time job, I would think about it, dream about it and even write it down on a little sticky note or piece of paper during the day so I knew when I got home what I would be doing.

Now making jewelry is my job, but I still plan it out or else I just waste time.

4.  Have separate times for planning and for doing.

This goes along with the previous tip.  Instead of getting to the worktable and then deciding what to do, plan that out ahead of time so you can just sit down and work.

Use sketchbook or some kind of idea journal to write down and draw out ideas in.  That’s your planning and thinking time.

Then when it’s time to make you have the ideas to turn to and you don’t waste time sitting there and thinking about what to do.

This is something I teach in Rediscover Your Creativity & Make Jewelry eCourse.  I love having a jewelry idea sketchbook so I never run out of ideas.

5.  Routine helps with creativity.

I have been reading that over and over again and I didn’t want to believe it.  I dislike schedules and routine.  I want to be spontaneous and just go with the flow.

But the truth is when you show up day after day and do the work, creativity happens.

Create a routine for your creative endeavors and stick with it.  The example I mentioned in #1 above, I am doing once a week.  I make jewelry every day.  Find a routine that works for you.

6.  Keep it simple.

Something simple completed is better than a big, complex thing not completed.

You may have dreams of making a complex set of jewelry that includes earrings, bracelet, necklace and a ring.  Thinking of it as a whole complete set can feel overwhelming.

Instead, break it down into smaller chunks.  Today I’ll make the earrings.  Tomorrow I’ll make the ring.  Maybe break down the necklace and bracelet projects into even smaller chunks depending on your design.  (For example, if you need to make some different components, work on those components one day and put everything together the next.)

7. Take it easy on yourself.

If you get busy with other stuff, don’t beat yourself up about not getting jewelry made or whatever your creative project is.  When you have time you’ll get at it again.

I hope that you can schedule in time to make jewelry or do whatever creative endeavor you’re planning even though the holidays!

Another way to keep up your creative practice even when you’re busy is to take an eCourse.  It will inspire you and you’ll be excited to get to it every day!

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