How to Be Creative [Even if You Think You Aren’t]

How to Be Creative

Often people tell me I am creative.  I tell them that they are creative, too.  But they don’t believe me.

I am creative.  I am also not scared to put myself out there.  I try things, I recreate other things, I keep going.  Sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it’s a miss.  But I keep trying.

Creativity is so much more than a beautiful painting, a funky piece of jewelry or a perfect drawing.

Creativity is everything.  Every moment of every day.  It’s how we solve problems.  It’s how we arrange our day job cubicles.  It’s how we go grocery shopping.

I think that maybe people are actually calling me artistic – but honestly, it’s the same thing to me.

Art is life and life is art.  All of it.  Me, sitting here, typing this post is art.

You, in your cubicle, figuring out how to get 5 days worth of work done in 2 days (yes, us day cubicle dwellers have all been there!), that is an art.

It takes creativity, critical thinking and is art.

A lot of my friends have cut this part of their life off completely, or they never had it to begin with, and I feel saddened by this.

It’s not necessarily drawing perfectly (though maybe you can) or about making cool jewelry (although, I can help you with that!), it’s about expression.  It’s about problem-solving.  It’s about generating ideas.  It’s about communication.

The only way to get going on this is to start.

Ideas to get started:

  • Get a notebook and start writing in it.  Just take 5 minutes and just write anything that comes up at all.  Even if it’s just “this is weird and I don’t know what to write.”  Do this for a week and eventually you’ll start to come up with ideas to take further.
  • Grab a piece of paper and doodle on it.  Any doodle will do.  A favorite thing that I do when I get stuck at work especially is to pick a word of how I want to feel (JOY for example).  Then draw that word in bubble letters and fill in with doodles.  I use dots, stars, dashes, swirls, etc!  Color it in (if you’re at work, you can use highlighters!)
  • Learn a new skill!  Check out my tutorials and eCourses.

Remember:  You ARE creative!  You ARE artistic!

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