4 ways to Hide Journaling

In my free Inspired Mini Course I share an art journal prompt (among other things! Learn more here: Inspired Mini Course.) In it, I hide my journaling with a collage.

I wanted to share a few more options for hiding your writing in your art journal.

Why would you want to hide your journaling?

Most of the time you probably don’t need to or want to, but sometimes you may. If you share your art journal pages, you may want to hide journaling that is particularly personal or if it mentions something or someone you don’t want to share publically.

You may want to hide your journaling from yourself as well. You may want to get something out that is on your mind or heavy on your heart, but you don’t want to see it again. In that case, you may want to use one of these 4 ways to hide your journaling.


#1 Pockets or Envelopes

One solution to hide journaling is to slip it into a pocket or envelope.

#2 Collage Over Journaling

The second solution is to write it out and then collage over it. This page is from my free Inspired Mini Course.

#3 Write Over

The third idea is to simply write over your writing. You could fill a page and then start writing over what you just wrote and continue writing.

Or you could just strike out your words or use cute circles like this:

#4 Paint Over

The final idea is to paint over your writing. You can experiment with paints, but I usually use acrylics to cover writing. Watercolor (in my experience) will not cover your writing. If you use a dark color, you may need to use a thick layer of paint.

So those are 4 ways to cover up your journaling that you want to keep hidden.

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