Hardware Bunch Earrings Pattern

Feeling creatively blocked? Earrings can help!

I love earrings because you can make them relatively quickly and feel creative right away. They don’t take a ton of materials either. Plus, these particular earrings are great for beginners to wire wrapping. I love them so much that I created a month challenge for them!

Note: If you are/were in the Earrings eCourse with me in September, these were included as part of it, so don’t purchase it again here by accident!  Th

Earrings are a quick way to express yourself and your creativity.

  • They don’t take a lot of time to make.
  • You can express your creativity when you’re making the earrings.
  • Plus, they have the bonus feature that you can express your creativity when you’re wearing your one-of-a-kind creations as well.
  • (Plus the bragging rights and confidence building of “Oh, you love these? I made them!”

Hardware Bunch Earrings Pattern

These earring use hardware – you can dig through your toolbox or get it at the hardware store.

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Hardware Bunch Earrings
Hardware Bunch Earrings
Learn how to make these fun hardware earrings! Digital file.