Hammers for Jewelry Making

How to Use HammersHammers are a tool that I know I didn’t start out using, but slowly added over time.  However, hammering is important to harden the wire so that your designs are sturdy.

I’ll show you 2 hammers today.

HOw to use a Chasing HammerChasing Hammer

The chasing hammer has 2 sides.  The bigger, wider end and the smaller ball end.  You can use this hammer to put marks in your wire.  You can use the larger side to harden your wire designs while flattening the wire.

The round side is great for making cool marks in your jewelry like I did for these Hammered Wire Earrings.

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialWhen creating a hammered look in your designs, you can actually use any hammer you have around.

You can also shape and bend sheet metal with this hammer.

How to use a Nylon HammerNylon or Rawhide Hammers

These hammers are used to harden wire and wire worked designs without marring or flattening the wire.

Hammered Wire Earrings TutorialI use this when making earring wires or any other wire creations that I want the shape to stay sturdy.

How to use jewelry hammersSteel Blocks/Anvils

You’ll also need a steel block or an anvil to hammer on.  You can find these where jewelry supplies are sold and in different sizes.

I hope you’re ready to do some hammering now!

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