Jewelry Making Q & A: Getting Started

Jewelry Making Q and A  Getting Started

I got an email from Dee Dee and I’m sure other people have the same question, so I’m sharing my answer here with Dee Dee’s permission.

Dee Dee writes: 

“I am new to this and  wanting to make something I have my tools, pliers, ruler.  I am overwhelmed trying to purchase beads, spacers, etc. What do I purchase first?  What should I make? Where do I start?”


I think you start with deciding what you want to make.
You might want to look through some of the free tutorials on my website.  My ECT TV videos are a great place to start.  I would start with the first episode and go from there.
If you’re looking for beginning wire wrapping techniques, I recommend my Wire Wrapping for Beginners eBook.It may be less overwhelming for you to find a project that you’d like to try and then see what you need for that project and then purchase beads and other things you might need rather than buying beads and such first.

In no time you’ll see beads and supplies purchase them first and then come up with designs and projects or find projects to use with them, but since I know it’s very overwhelming to start I would find the projects first and then purchase the supplies you need for that particular project.

To answer the “what should I make” question, that really is up to you. 

  • What is calling to you?
  • Is there are particular type of jewelry you want to try?
  • Do you want to try a necklace, bracelet, earrings or a ring?
  • Decide which, purchase the supplies and give it a try.  If you mess up (and when you’re starting you will mess up) you can take it apart and start over again.
  • Are you more into beading or did you want to work with wire?  If you want to work with wire I would suggest getting inexpensive to work with until you get the skills and confidence for sterling silver.  So start with brass, copper or the artist wire you find at art and craft stores like Michael’s or A.C. Moore.

When I first started I made stretch bracelets.  (I was a kid, though.)  And when I rediscovered jewelry making I was stringing necklaces mostly at first.

But really, it’s up to you.

Find a tutorial you’d like to try, get the supplies for that project and then go for it.

I hope this helps!


Now, readers, it’s your turn!  Do you have a question for me?  Contact me here and just put the subject “Jewelry Making Q&A” and you may see your question answered here, too!

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