Gemstone Chip and Spiral Pendant

How to make a Gemstone Chip and Spiral PendantThe Gemstone Chip and Spiral Pendant is a fun tutorial that will not only give you a pattern to make this great pendant, but teach you some wire wrapping skills that you can use with other jewelry, too!

This beautiful pendant tutorial will teach you, if you don’t know already, how to make wire wrapped loops, closed spirals, open spirals and other jewelry making skills.

Gemstone and Sprial Pendant TutorialI use close up, full color photos to teach you every step you need to be successful making this tutorial. Even if you are a beginner at wire work these instructions will take you step-by-step through the entire pendant.

I also give several ideas to customize this pendant and really make it yours!

Gemstone and Spiral Pendant TutorialNow available in my Spiral Wire Jewelry eBook.  Click here to learn more and purchase for instant download.

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