ECT TV Episode 48: Earrings (Introduction to Earrings Every Day Month!)

ECT TV Episode 48: Earrings

Today is the first day of Earrings Every Day Month!  (Held every September here at Emerging Creatively Tutorials)

So today’s episode is dedicated to earrings and is an introduction to Earrings Every Day Month if you’re participating in the free version.  (You can click here to learn about the premium version, Earrings eCourse)

In this episode you’ll learn what tools, materials and findings are important for making earrings.

Watch the video episode:

I wrote a big post about getting ready for Earrings Every Day Month that covers what’s in this episode a few days ago.  It’s also a great introduction to what you need to make earrings any day.  Click here for that post if you prefer reading.

Here are some of the links I mention in this episode:

Earring Wires:

How to Make Earring Wires


Ornate Headpins

Open Spiral and Knotted Headpins

Infinity Headpins

Bead Dangle Earrings Step-by-Step:

How to Earrings

How to Make EarringsMaterials and Tools:

  • Beads *
  • 2 Headpins – 2″ 20 gauge (or whatever you have)
  • 2 Earring wires (or see link above to learn how to make your own)
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Another pair of pliers – another pair of chain nose, bent nose pliers or you can use your round nose pliers

*Beads:  You need 2 matching beads or more.  I used the beads I noted above plus 2 seed beads on each earring.  Just make sure that the beads aren’t too heavy and pull on your ears.

Step #1

How to Make EarringsSlide one seed bead onto a headpin and then add several of the disc beads.

The easiest way to use these disc beads for earrings is to pull a stack of them between your fingers and keep them in a stack.  Then slide them onto the head pin.

Obviously alternatively you can use any single bead you like (like I did in the video.)

How to Make EarringsStep #2

How to Make EarringsAdd a second seed bead on the other side if you’re using seed beads.

Step #3

How to Make EarringsHold the headpin in the round nose pliers, just slightly above the seed bead (approximately the length of a seed bead.)

Step #4

How to Make EarringsHow to Make EarringsBend the wire around the barrel of the pliers and in between the pliers and the beads like seen in the photo.

Straighten the loop so it’s centered above the beads.  I show you 2 ways to do this in the video.

Step #5

How to Make EarringsHold the loop in chain nose pliers.  Then continue wrapping the wire using another pair of pliers.  Wrap at least a few times.  Cut off any excess.

Make sure the wires are straight and snug.  Make sure the end is not sticking out.  (I give a tip in the video on how to do that!)

Step #6

How to Make EarringsHow to Make EarringsOpen the earring wire.  Make sure to open it while maintaining the circle.  Do not pull the circle open out sideways.

Step #7

How to Make EarringsPut the loop from the dangle in the open loop and close the earring wire.

Step #8

How to EarringsRepeat for the other earring.

Dangle Earrings

I showed a few samples, but here are a few more earrings that you can use for inspiration now that you have the basic technique!

Have fun!

Earrings Every Day Month

If you see this the day it goes live, you still can get in for Earrings Every Day Month!

If you would like daily earrings tutorials or want to learn more about it, click here.

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