ECT TV Episode 47: Dangle Spiral Earrings

ECT TV Episode 47

In this episode of Emerging Creatively Tutorials TV, I continue on in my “Spirals Phase” and show you how to make Dangle Spiral Earrings.

These earrings go great with either ECT TV 46’s Wire Spiral Pendant or the Beaded Spiral Pendant eWorkshop.

Watch the episode here:

Tutorial in Step-by-Step Photos:

ECT TV Episode 47

Tools and Materials:

  • 20 gauge half-hard round wire *
  • 2 earring wires **
  • 2 4mm jump rings
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Bent nose pliers
  • Chasing hammer and steel block or anvil

* You can use any metal you like.  If you’re just starting, start out with less expensive wire such as silver plated copper, copper or brass until you get the hang of it.

** You can use store bought earring wires or make your own.  I show you how to make your own earring wires here.

Step #1

ECT TV Episode 47

Cut the 20 gauge wire in 6 pieces:

  • 2 pieces at 3 1/2″
  • 2 pieces at 3 1/4″
  • 2 pieces at 3″

Note:  It’s more important that you cut the wire in pairs than the actual size.  You can experiment with different lengths if you want your earrings longer or shorter.

Step #2

ECT TV Episode 47

Flush cut each end of each wire.  To make a flush cut, use the back, flat end toward what you’re cutting.

Step #3

ECT TV Episode 47

ECT TV Episode 47

ECT TV Episode 47

I’ll show you on one wire and then repeat this on each wire.

First make a loop on the end of the wire.  Hold the wire in round nose pliers as close to the tip of the round nose pliers as you can.  The wire should be at the top of the pliers but not poking through.  (You should be able to run your finger over it.)

Twist the wrist holding the pliers away from you while using your other thumb to wrap the wire around one barrel of the pliers.

Twist as far as your wrist will go, readjust your wrist and the pliers and wire and then complete the loop.  It should look like a “P.”

Step #4

ECT TV Episode 47

Hold the loop in chain nose pliers.

Step #5

ECT TV Episode 47


ECT TV Episode 47

Push the wire up.  Then readjust the loop in chain nose pliers so it’s to the side again and repeat.  Continue to do this to spiral around.

I spiraled 3 1/2 times for my spiral.  You do not have to go around the same number of times as I did, but keep all your spirals consistent for all of your wires.

Step #6

ECT TV Episode 47

ECT TV Episode 47

ECT TV Episode 47

The spiral is off to the side and we want the wire straight up the middle.  Use chain nose pliers to bend the wire straight up.

Step #7

ECT TV Episode 47

Repeat for all 6 wires.

Step #8

ECT TV Episode 47

ECT TV Episode 47

Make a loop at the other end of each wire just like you did at the beginning.

Step #9

ECT TV Episode 47


ECT TV Episode 47

ECT TV Episode 47

Center the loop on the top of the wire.  Just place your round nose pliers back in the loop and kind of roll it back into place.

Step #10

ECT TV Episode 47

ECT TV Episode 47

Use chain nose pliers to bend the loop so it’s perpendicular to the spiral.  Pay attention to do this the same way for all your spiral dangles.

Step #11

ECT TV Episode 47

This part is more optional, but if you want a hammered look, hammer the spiral.  I only hammered the spiral.  If you do not want a hammered look you can use a rawhide or nylon hammer to harden your spiral without flattening the wire.

Step #12

ECT TV Episode 47

Open a jump ring.  For a quick video on opening and closing jump rings, click here.

Add the spiral dangles to the jump ring starting with the largest, then the medium size and finally the shortest.

Close the jump ring.

Step #13

ECT TV Episode 47

Open an earring wire (it’s similar to opening a jump ring.)

Step #14

ECT TV Episode 47

Add the jump ring and close the earring wire.  Repeat for the second earring!

I hope you like these earrings as much as I do (and that you’re not sick of spirals yet!)  I’m calling it my “Spiral Phase.”

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Additional resources:

New to working with wire and maybe found this challenging?  Check out my free Wire Workshop and make sure you sign up for my free 14 Day Intro to Jewelry Making eCourse (which also signs you up for my weekly newsletter!)

You may also love my Wire Wrapping for Beginners eBook or print book if you’re just starting.

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  1. Jean Potter says:

    Thank you so much for the September series of earring ideas. Please don’t ask how many I made (or did not make) but I got so many ideas for future projects. What a great month of ideas.

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