ECT TV Episode 34: Make an Open Spiral and Knotted Headpin and a Bead Dangle Charm

ECT TV Episode 34

This week is Charm Week here and today is Day 2!  So we have a special edition of ECT TV!

Learn how to make 2 different kinds of headpins:  Open Spiral and Knotted Headpins.  Then use them to make bead dangles.  Then I’ll show you a charm made from a few bead dangles and some pewter charms.

Making your own headpins add extra personality and expression to your jewelry creations.  Plus, if you happen to have beads with large openings, sometimes headpins from the jewelry store do not work because the beads slide off.  These headpins prevent this from happening.

Here’s this week’s video episode:

Open Spiral Headpins

Open Spiral Headpin

Materials and Tools:
• 20 gauge, half-hard round wire
• Ruler
• Wire cutters
• Round nose pliers
• Chain nose pliers
• Hammer and steel block or anvil

Step #1
How to Make a wire wrapped charm pendantCut a piece of wire about 3” long.

Step #2

Make sure each side of the wire is flush cut. (Use the flat side of the wire cutters toward the cut.) Also, make a mark on your pliers near the tip where you will make your initial loop. It doesn’t really matter where the mark is as long as you make all of your loops the same throughout your project.
Step #3 How to make a wire wrapped charm pendantGrasp the wire with round nose pliers. The end should not be sticking out of the pliers, you can run your finger over it to make sure.

Step #4 How to make a wire wrapped charm pendantTwist your wrist away from you to form a loop. Twist your wrist as far as you can then carefully release the wire and reposition the pliers, keeping the wire on the same part of the pliers and twist again.

You should end up with a completed loop that looks like a “P.”  (or an upside down “P”)

How to make a wire wrapped charm pendantStep #5 How to make a wire wrapped charm pendantHold the loop with chain nose pliers and bend the wire around the loop using your hand. Keep moving the loop in the pliers as you go around.

Step #6 How to Make a Wire Wrapped Charm PendantHow to Make a Wire Wrapped Charm PendantGo all the way around twice. (Or however many times you prefer.)

Step #7 How to Make a Wire Wrapped Charm PendantUsing your pliers, bend the wire to make it straight as shown.

Step #8

Hammer just the spiral with either a rawhide or nylon hammer or a chasing hammer.  If you would like to flatten the wire, use a chasing hammer.  A nylon or rawhide hammer will harden the wire, but it will keep its shape.

Knotted headpin

Knotted Headpins

Materials and Tools:

  • 22 or 24 gauge, half-hard, round wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Chain nose pliers (+ you might need a pair of chain nose pliers as well)

Step #1

Cut a piece of wire about 3 inches long.

Step #2

Beaded Dangle Ring TutorialFold the wire so there is about 1 inch on one side and 2 inches on the other.

Step #3

Beaded Dangle Ring TutorialHold the wire with the bend in chain nose pliers.

Step #4

Beaded Dangle Ring Tutorial

Beaded Dangle Ring TutorialBend the shorter end up so it looks like the above photo.

Step #5

Beaded Dangle Ring TutorialWrap the shorter end around the end creating what looks like a knot.  You can do this in a “sloppy” fashion or more neatly.  Just keep wrapping around the end until you run out of wire or until you’re satisfied.

Trim off any excess and make sure the end is not poking out.

Bead Dangle Charm

I used knotted headpins, beads, bead caps 4mm jump rings and some pewter heart charms to make this charm.  (The full tutorial is in the video.)

If you need help with how to open and close jump rings, here’s a video:

Infinity headpins

Yesterday I posted a tutorial for an Infinity Headpin and using it to make a bead dangle.

Click here for that tutorial.

How to make ornate headpins

In ECT TV Episode 33 I showed you how to make this headpin.

Click here for that tutorial.

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