ECT TV Episode 8: Garden Necklace Tutorial

ECT TV Episode 8Welcome to Emerging Creatively Tutorials Episode 8!  This week I’m thinking SPRING!

Here’s the episode:

This winter has been a tough one for many people.  Where I am there has been a lot of snow and record breaking cold.  But now that’s March, I’m looking toward spring.

How Wearing Jewelry Can Boost Your Mood:

On particularly dreary days, putting on your favorite spring colored necklace can help brighten your mood.  You know how if you wear your favorite outfit you just feel more confident and happy.  Jewelry does the same thing!  (And that feeling is at least twice as good when you made the jewelry yourself!)

I know I have been feeling better since I have been wearing my Garden Necklace the last few days.  Yes it is about 2 degrees outside, but I have a little spring around my neck and I’m feeling positive that spring will get here!

Invincible summerNow onto the the Garden Necklace Tutorial!

How to make a necklace

How to make a necklaceTools and Materials:

  • Enough beads to make 20 bead dangles.  (You can them with single beads, add some bead caps or seed beads.  Whatever you like) *
  • Charms.  This is really optional, but you can add any charms you like as well.  I added pewter and silver leaves, flowers, positive words, butterflies, bees.
  • 20 headpins
  • A bunch of 4 mm jump rings
  • 4 7 mm jumping rings.
  • A piece to use at the top of the necklace to hold it all together
  • Chain
  • Clasp
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Bent nose or other additional pair of pliers

*Beads:  I just dug through my collection and found the beads I wanted to use.  I chose of variety of pink and green beads because it reminded me of spring.  You can use any color of beads in any kind of variety you like.

Update on the silver flower piece I used in the tutorial:

Originally it was from either A.C. Moore or Michael’s.  It’s from the company Blue Moon and I’m so sorry to say I think it’s been discontinued.  I did find it here, but if you are in the United States, shipping is super expensive.
You can find similar pieces, usually they’re called something like 2 loop slider beads or something similar.  Or maybe someone will be selling them off on eBay sometime.  I check every so often because if I ever find some I’m going to buy them all!  🙂
I apologize!  I hope you can use the tutorial for inspiration and find another piece that will work for you…. you might find something even better!  🙂
Charm Necklace with Cone Bead
Using a cone bead instead:
I mention in the video that you could use a bead cap and make a tassel necklace, but I didn’t show you how to do that.

Basically follow the steps and put the bead dangles on the chain and then follow the tassel instructions found here:  tassel charm tutorial

Instead of the bead from that tutorial, use a cone.

You just have to consider where to start the beading on the chains because part of the chains will be inside of the cone.  So measure how much of the chain will be inside the cone.  You could even do that part first and then attach the beads the chain.

Step #1

Make bead danglesMake bead danglesMake bead danglesMake about 20 bead dangles.  You may want more or less.  It’s really up to you!  For more on how to make a bead dangle, watch ECT TV Episode 5.

Step #2

Cut 2 pieces of chain about 4 or so inches long.

Step #3

Garden Necklace TutorialOpen up 20 4mm jump rings.  Decide what beads you want on each chain and attach 20 beads to each chain.

I started with larger beads on the bottom and worked my way up.  I put one bead on each link.  As you add beads, make sure to add on alternative sides so that the necklace will lay properly.

Step #4

How to make a necklaceHow to make a necklaceHow to make a necklaceI used 7 mm jump rings to attach the chain to the top piece.  Check to see how the necklace lays.  Then trim off any excess chain.

Alternatively, if you are using a cone, use the steps in the How To Make a Tassel Necklace Tutorial.

Step #5

How to make a necklaceHow to make a necklaceMeasure around your neck with the chain.  After accounting for the size of the piece you’ve created, cut the chain to the size you would like your necklace.

Attach one end of the chain to the top piece of your necklace.  The chains with the dangles will hand down and the chain that you just cut will go up.

Step #6

How to make a necklaceFind the middle and cut the chain in half.  Add one half of the clasp to each side.

How to make a necklaceHow to make a necklace

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  1. nancyjo says:

    At the beginning of this video you said you’d show us how to make this using a cone if we didn’t have a flower piece like yours. But you did not show us that part. I’d like to see the design using a cone instead of the flower piece.

    • Kimberlie says:

      Hi Nancy –
      I added a little section about using the cone bead along with a photo. It’s the same idea, but just use a cone.
      (Sorry for the delay in response – this message was hidden!)
      Good luck!

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