ECT TV Episode 4: Buttons

ECT TV Episode 4

Emerging Creatively Tutorials Television (ECT TV) Episode 4

All about buttons!

This week we have 3 tutorials!

  • Stretch Button Bracelet
  • Button Bouquet (make cute little button flowers)
  • Multiple Strand Bracelet with a Button Accent

don't give up

Before we get to the tutorials, I just wanted to give you a little inspiration.

When you start something new, whether it’s jewelry, a new hobby, a new job or anything at all that you haven’t done before it’s highly likely you’re going to not be great at it.  It takes practice and patience.

If you are trying to make jewelry for the first time, your knot may fall apart, your jewelry may not look gorgeous, you might not understand entirely how to use a crimp bead tool, etc.  Yes, I try to show you as clearly as possible, but everyone learns differently and at a different rate.  You probably won’t be perfect the first time.  It’s okay, you can have so much fun trying again and again.

For example, I remember actually figuring out how to use a crimp tool.  I actually had been making jewelry for a while and I didn’t like it.  I found a different way to close crimp beads with chain nose pliers because I disliked the crimp tool so much.  Then one day I tried it and it worked.  I figured it out!  And then I practiced and practiced and now I don’t even think about using it.

It can be the same for you.  Don’t give up!

Button BraceletStretch Button Bracelet

*Note, in the video I call the buttons beads A LOT.  I didn’t even realize I was doing it until I was editing the video.  So, sorry.

Stretch Button Bracelet

Materials and Tools:

  • Buttons.  I used these buttons that I’m de-stashing in my etsy shop here. (I have other buttons as well!)
  • Elastic stretch cord
  • Scissors

Step #1

Stretch Button BraceletCut off a piece of elastic cord that is long enough to fit around your wrist plus several inches extra.

Note:  If you’re new to tying knots you may want to leave a lot of extra length to give you room.

Step #2

Stretch Button BraceletStretch Button BraceletThread the first button on the cord.  Go up through one hole and back through the other.  If your button has 4 holes, just use 2 of the holes.  If it’s a shank button just pull it on.

Step #3

Stretch Button BraceletStretch Button BraceletKeep adding buttons.  They will go in every other direction, the backs of the buttons will be together in the middle.  You can flip around the buttons as you go.  Pull them tightly together.

Add buttons until the the buttons that you have threaded will fit around your wrist.

Now tie the bracelet.  I’ll show you the steps below using a piece of yarn so that you can see it better.

Step #4

How to Make a Stretch BraceletHow to Make a Stretch BraceletStart the knot by tying like you start to tie your shoes.  Cross the ends and then pull one end through the loop.

Step #5

How to Make a Stretch BraceletRepeat step #4 again and do not pull it tight.

Step #6

How to Make a Stretch BraceletWith the right end of the cord go in through the loop again (it looks like you’re wrapping around).

Step #7

How to Make a Stretch BraceletThen pull the left cord end through the loop and around again.

Step #8

How to Make a Stretch BraceletPull the knot tight.

IMPORTANT:  Before trimming the excess cord off pull on the bracelet and make sure that it’s secure.  I always pull on it like I expect it to come apart so that I don’t lose all of my buttons (or beads as the case may be).

Hint:  It helps to pull all 4 parts of the cord tight at the same time, meaning the 2 ends as well as the part that is the bracelet, when you’re pulling the knot tight.

Step #9

Stretch Button BraceletTrim off the excess cord close to the knot and then you can hide the knot under a button.

Stretch Button Bracelet

Button Bouquet Tutorial

Button Bouquet TutorialFind the step-by-step Button Bouquet tutorial here.

Multiple Strand Bracelet with Button Accent

Button BraceletThis is one of my favorite bracelets that I’ve made!  (And also one of the most popular.)  Click here for the full tutorial.

Brown wooden beadsThe button I used in the video can be found here. Sorry they’re sold out!

Need Buttons?

I have them! (And I’ll be listing more and more!) Check out my etsy shop to find the buttons you need for these projects: Kimberlie Kohler Etsy Shop.


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