ECT TV Episode 31: How to Make a Key Ornament

ECT TV Episode 31:  Key Ornament

In today’s ECT TV episode, I’ll show you how to make an ornament from a key.

This is such a cute idea for a gift (especially a new homeowner), a gift topper, your own tree or make an ornament.

Below the video you’ll find step-by-step instructions plus some variations on this.  Remember to sign up for my newsletter to receive future episodes right in your inbox in PDF form!

This is the last episode of ECT TV for the year.  I started this series at the beginning of this year and I can’t believe that I’ve created 31 episodes.  We’ll continue in the new year on January 6th with a brand new episode.

Thank you so much for watching and sharing!  It has been so much fun!  Have a great holiday and I’ll see you in 2015!

Here’s the video episode:

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Key Ornament Tutorial:

Upcycled Key Ornament Complete

Upcycled Key Ornament Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials:

  • An old key
  • Seed beads (8-10) Any color you wish or use multiple colors.
  • A larger “focal” bead
  • 22 or 24 gauge half-hard round wire (in the video I used brass, in this tutorial I used silver plated copper)
  • 20 gauge half-hard wire (again any wire) or you can simply use a pre-made ornament hook
  • Wire cutters
  • Chain nose pliers
Step #1

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 1

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 1a

Begin to wrap the wire at the bottom of the key. Catch the wire in between the teeth of the key. Wrap around with the long end a couple of times.

Step #2

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 2a

Continue wrapping a few times, catch the short end of the wire and wrap it so it is secure.

Step #3

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 3

Thread about 8 -10 seed beads onto the wire.

Step #4

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 4

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 5

Slide one bead down to the key, wrap once around the key. Slide another bead down, wrap once around the key. Continue until the bottom of the key is filled with beads.

In the video I sometimes wrapped the wire around an extra time without a bead.

Step #5

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 6

Slide on your focal bead. Since this is a Christmas ornament I chose red and green for the colors, but really any color is fine. Clear or white beads would be gorgeous or blue or gold or rainbow anything that matches your decor and style.

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 7

HINT: You will want to leave more room at the top of the beaded seed beads than I did. I should have unwrapped and taken off at least 1 or 2 seed beads to allow more room for the bigger bead on top.

Step #6

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 8

After adding the focal bead, wrap the wire around a couple times then wrap around a few times down the end of the key. Cut off the excess and make sure the end is secure by using chain nose pliers to push it down.

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 9

Step #7

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 10

You could just add a pre-made hook here if you want. Or take some wire and bend it.

Step #8

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 11

Wrap the shorter end around the longer end a few times. Secure it with chain nose pliers.

Step #9

Upcycled Key Ornament Step 12

Make a hook at the end by wrapping the wire around something round. I used my ring mandrel, but you could also use a pen or a highlighter.

Step #10

Upcycled Key Ornament Complete

Hang up your new ornament. Or give it as a unique gift!

Upcycled Key Ornament Complete

Ideas To Customize It:

  • Use a copy of your house key or maybe your first house to make it really sentimental.
  • Use skeleton keys.
  • Use any beads of any colors.
  • Add charms in with the beads to make it really funky.
  • Add yarn to the wrapping. See my Customize Your Wire Wrapped Key Brooch post.
  • Make it a pendant instead of an ornament. Or a brooch.

Key Brooches

Wire Wrap Key Brooch with Fiber


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