ECT TV Episode 3: How to Make a Double Strand Bracelet (and learn about color choices)

ECT TV Episode 3: Double Stand Bracelet

I can’t believe it’s already Episode 3 of ECT TV!! This week on ECT TV:

      • Get a very basic overview of color; and
      • Learn how to make a double strand bracelet.

(Which I consistently called a double beaded bracelet for whatever reason!) Watch the video or use the photo tutorial below + bonus tutorial of how to make a bead link to use for your clasp! {Make sure to sign up for my email newsletter below to get a reminder each Monday of the show + all of this in PDF version so you can easily print it and take it to your work area!}



COlor wheelMy three basic ideas of how to make color decisions:

    • Use the color wheel principles.  Click here for a nice overview of basic color theory.
    • Color Trends.  Click here to go to Pantone and find out about the latest color trends.
    • Use your own sense of color.


How to make a double strand braceletHow to Make a Double Strand Bracelet:

First I’ll show you how to make a bead link to use as one end of a clasp.  I like to use a bead link as the other side of a lobster clasp because it does not have the opening like a jump ring does.

How to make a bead link to use as one side of a clasp (optional): How to make a bead linkTools and Materials:

      • Wire (20 gauge, half-hard round)
      • A bead (to match your bracelet)
      • Wire cutters
      • Round nose pliers
      • Chain nose pliers

Step #1

How to make a bead linkCut a piece of wire to 3 inches longer than your bead.

Step #2 How to make a bead linkHold the wire in round nose pliers about 1 /12″ from the top.

Step #3 How to make a bead linkWrap the wire around one barrel  of the pliers.

Straighten the wire.  Hold the loop in chain nose pliers. Wrap the short end of the wire around the longer end while pulling the long end out straight.

Step #4 How to make a bead link Now do two more wraps keeping your wraps close to each other and straight.  Trim off any excess wire and make sure it’s not sticking out. How to make a bead linkStep #5 How to make a bead linkSlide on a bead.

Step #6 How to make a bead linkRepeat the loop on the other side.  Trim off any excess wire and make sure the end isn’t poking out.How to make a bead linkNow you can use this as one side of your clasp.

How to make a Double Strand Bracelet: Double Strand Bracelet TutorialMaterials and Tools:

      • 2 different coordinating strands of beads.  Alternatively you could use any beads you like and mix them up!  I used:  Green Round Tabular Recycled Glass Beads – Indonesia 10mm and Brass Metal Tube Beads – Ethiopia, both from Happy Mango Beads
      • Beading wire
      • 8 Crimp beads
      • 8 Crimp bead covers (optional)
      • Lobster clasp
      • Small seed beads if you’re using beads with large holes

Step #1

How to make a double strand braceletMeasure around your wrist add several inches and then cut two pieces of wire. Add a piece of tape to one end of each wire, tape the wire down to the table or use a bead stop to keep the beads from sliding off.

Step #2 How to make a double strand braceletStart beading!  Like I said, you can use two different kinds of beads or any combination of beads you like. If you are creating a design rather than just doing 2 colors, lay out your design first.

Step #3 How to make a double strand braceletFiguring how what length to make your bracelet:

If you like your bracelet to be a little loose, then make the beaded part of the bracelet so it fits snugly around your wrist.  Then when you add the clasp it will fit a little loosely. If you prefer to have a more snug bracelet, then measure around your wrist.  Then subtract that length minus how long your clasp is and that is how far you should bead.

Step #4 How to make a double strand braceletAt the end of your beading add a seed bead, a crimp bead, a seed bead and another crimp bead.

Step #5 Double Strand Bracelet TutorialThen add one end of the clasp to the wire.

Step #6 Double Strand Bracelet TutorialThen pull the wire back through the crimp bead, seed bead, crimp bead, seed bead and a few more beads from the bracelet. Pull it snugly, but leave a little room for the clasp to move. Double Strand Bracelet TutorialStep #7 Double Strand Bracelet TutorialClose the crimp bead. First put the crimp bead in the larger notch near the handles and close. (For an alternative way to close crimp beads with chain nose pliers, see ECT TV Episode 2)

Step #8 Double Strand Bracelet TutorialNow place the crimp bead in the smaller notch near the tip of the pliers.  In the previous step the crimp tool created a  bend in the crimp bead.  You’re trying to fold the bead in half in this step.

Step #9

Add a crimp bead cover if you like.  Place it over the crimp bead and close.  (For more details see ECT TV Episode 2)

Step #10 Double Strand Bracelet TutorialRepeat for the other crimp bead and then for the other strand. For a twisted look, twist the strands together before completing the crimps on the other side.  Simply twist the strands together or wrap one around the other. Check the fit again before finishing the other end.

Step #11 Double Strand Bracelet TutorialDo exactly the same thing on the other end.  Check to make sure that everything is secure by pulling on each end of each strand. Trim off the excess wire.

Step #12 Double Strand Bracelet TutorialWoo hoo!  You have a new bracelet!

Ideas for Customization:

  • Make a design on each strand with different beads instead of just 2 strands.Make your bracelet all just one color.
  • Don’t twist the bracelet so it looks like 2 single bracelets.
  • Add even more strands!
  • Try different clasps.

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