ECT TV Episode 29: Wire Circle Pendant

ECT TV Episode 29

Learn how to make this simple, but elegant wire circle pendant.  Watch the video episode below to get the basic pendant technique as seen in the photo and then read on to get a couple of ideas to customize it!

Video Episode:

As I mentioned in the video, you can also make earrings with this same technique.  I made a pair in a bit smaller size.

Wire Circle Earrings

Here’s the tutorial in photographs:

You can use it on a necklace or you can make 2 and make a pair of earrings.

I used a lightweight aluminum 24 gauge wire, but any 22 gauge to 24 gauge wire would work just fine, too.

Try using brass or gold wire, too!

Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools Needed:

  • Wire (see above for gauge)  I didn’t measure how much – I just used it off the roll and  wrapped until I liked the look.
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers (+another pair of pliers such as bent nose)
  • Ring mandrel (A big highlighter or other cylindrical object that is as big as you would like your pendant will work well, too!)

Step #1

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 1

Leave the wire on the spool and work from the loose end.  Start wrapping around the ring mandrel or whatever cylindrical object you are using.  Keep wrapping until you like the size.

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 2

Step #2

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 3

Finish wrapping where you started.  Leave a long tail of wire and cut off the roll.

Step #3

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 4

Start wrapping around the top, making sure to catch the loose end of wire.

Step #4

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 5

Wrap around several times until the top is secure and you like how it looks.

Step #5

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 6

Grasp the loose wire near the pendant with round nose pliers.

Step #6

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 7

Wrap the wire around one barrel of the round nose pliers and under in between the wrapping and the pliers.  Then remove your pliers.

Step #7

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 8

Grasp the loop between the 2 barrels of the pliers.  (See how off-center this loop is – straighten this out or try to keep it straight to begin with.  I’ll show you another trick to get it more in line in the next step, too.)

In the video, I show you how I straighten loops easily.

Step #8

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 9

Wrap around the pendant, then around the loop and continue until the loop is stable.  Pull the loop into place while you are doing this.

Step #9

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 11

Finish wrapping by going around the loop.

Step #10

Wire Wrapped Pendant Tutorial 12

Cut off the excess wire and tuck in the end.

Then just add a cord or chain and wear it.

Or make 2 matching and add earring wires.

Wire Circle Pendant

Now that you have the basic idea, here are a couple ways to customize it even more:

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Circle Pendant with BeadsAdd beads.  Click here for the Wire Circle Pendant with Beads Tutorial.

Or add bead dangles:

How to Make a Wire Wrapped Circle Pendant with Beads

Click here to go to the Wire Circle Pendant with Bead Dangles Tutorial.  (And of course, you can just add one dangle or add them however you like!)

In ECT TV Episode 7, I showed how to make a Wire Circle Ring.

ECT TV Episode 7

Click here to watch ECT TV Episode 7 to learn how to make a matching ring for your pendant!

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