ECT TV Episode 22: How to Make a Bead Dangle Ring (…and where to get beads)

Bead Dangle Ring

This week on ECT TV learn how to make a bead dangle wire ring!  Plus, I tell you where I get beads.

Here’s the video for ECT Episode 22:

Where I Get Beads:

I have gotten some questions about this recently.  I know when you’re just starting out it can be overwhelming with all the tools, supplies and beads you need.

Picking out beads is the fun part, of course, but it can get overwhelming.

My Top 5 Places to Get Beads:

  1. As you may know if you watch my videos and read my blog, Happy Mango Beads is my favorite bead shop.  They have such a nice variety and really unique beads.  And there is a range of prices, too.
  2. Vintage jewelry from thrift stores and flea markets.  Look for pieces that have components that you like and you can take apart.  See my post on 9 lessons in choosing thrift store jewelry to reconstruct into new jewelry.
  3. Fusion Beads
  4. Etsy – just do a search for what you’re looking for and find tons of options!
  5. Fire Mountain Gemstones

In a pinch …

A.C. Moore or Michaels (or other craft stores that sell jewelry making supplies.)  The main reason I don’t like getting beads there is because of the lack of variety and I don’t want my jewelry to look like everyone else’s.  However, being able to go to a store to see up-close-and-personal and touch beads is a big benefit when you’re starting to make jewelry for sure.

And if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with an actual bead store, go there!  (And I’m jealous!)

How to Make a Bead Dangle Wire Ring:

Bead Dangle Ring TutorialThis is a fun and easy ring tutorial you’re going to love to make a lot of.  These rings are super cute by themselves, but even cuter stacked (there’s two in the photo above!)

They take very little supplies.  If you don’t have a ring mandrel, simply use a marker or thick highlighter to shape your ring and then measure your finger.

Bead Dangle Ring TutorialTools and materials:

  • 20 gauge half-hard wire
  • 22 or 24 gauge half-hard wire
  • A bead (on the smallish side, 6 mm or so)
  • Ring mandrel (or something cylindrical like a pen or highlighter that’s the size of your finger)
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • A second pair of pliers would be helpful – I like bent nose pliers
  • Wire cutters

Step #1

Cut a piece of 22 (or 24) gauge wire about 3 inches long.

Step #2

Beaded Dangle Ring TutorialFold the wire so there is about 1 inch on one side and 2 inches on the other.

Step #3

Beaded Dangle Ring TutorialHold the wire with the bend in chain nose pliers.

Step #4

Beaded Dangle Ring Tutorial

Beaded Dangle Ring TutorialBend the shorter end up so it looks like the above photo.

Step #5

Beaded Dangle Ring TutorialWrap the shorter end around the end creating what looks like a knot.  You can do this in a “sloppy” fashion or more neatly.  Just keep wrapping around the end until you run out of wire or until you’re satisfied.

Trim off any excess and make sure the end is not poking out.

Step #6

Beaded Dangle Ring TutorialSlide on a bead.

Step #7

Beaded Dangle Ring TutorialGrasp the wire between round nose pliers.  Wrap the wire around the barrel of the pliers creating a loop.

The loop will be crooked, so straighten it.

Step #8

Beaded Dangle Ring TutorialBeaded Dangle Ring TutorialBeaded Dangle Ring TutorialHold the loop in chain nose pliers and complete the wraps.  Trim off any excess and make sure the wire is tucked down and not poking out.

Step #9

Bead Dangle Ring TutorialLeaving the wire on the spool, wrap the wire around your ring mandrel at the size of your finger.  You’ll need to leave 1/2 inch on each side as well.  Cut the wire.

Bead Dangle Ring TutorialStep #10

Bead Dangle Ring TutorialHold one end of the wire in round nose pliers.  The wire should be at the top, but not poke out of the top of the pliers.  As you can see, I’m using the middle of my round nose pliers.

Twist your wrist away from you, using your other hand to wrap the wire around the barrel of the pliers.  After you have twisted as far as your wrist will go, readjust and then complete the loop.

Note:  you are making the loop away from the middle of the wire.  (This is more clear in the next photo.)

Bead Dangle Ring TutorialStep #11

Bead Dangle Ring TutorialBead Dangle Ring TutorialRepeat step #11 for the other end of the wire.


Step #12

Beaded Dangle Ring TutorialGoing back to the ring base, open one of the loops you made.  Open it like you would a jump ring.  So, in other words, use your chain nose pliers and open it maintaining the circle – don’t pull the circle apart.  For a video where I show how to open jump rings, click here.

Step #13

Bead Dangle Ring Wire TutorialPlace the bead dangle in the open loop.

Step #14

Bead Dangle Ring Wire TutorialPlace the other loop from the ring base in the open loop.  Close the loop (just do the opposite of opening it.)

Bead Dangle Ring Wire TutorialBead Dangle Ring Wire Tutorial———————————————————————————————————————

Love making rings?  I am about to release the Wire Ring Workshop next week (July 22nd)!  But lucky for you, I am offering it at an early bird price for the next week.  (Price goes up on the 22nd).  Click here to learn more and order.

How to Make Wire Wrapped Rings


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