ECT TV Episode 21: Adjustable Wire Spiral Ring

ECT TV Episode 21:  Adjustable Wire Spiral RingECT TV Episode 21:  Adjustable Wire Spiral RingECT TV stands for Emerging Creatively Tutorials Television, which is my biweekly video series about jewelry making and creativity.

This week I teach you how to make these cute Adjustable Spiral Wire Rings.

These are such a perfect introduction to my book Wire Wrapping for Beginners.  (Available in either digital eBook or print version.)  If you are new to using wire in your jewelry creations or need a little extra help with some of the basic building blocks of using wire, such as wire wrapped loops, bead links, bead dangles, etc., this book is a great way to start.  Not only do you learn how to do all of that, you get lots of jewelry projects to practice with!

Video Tutorial:

Here’s how to make the Adjustable Spiral Wire Ring:

ECT TV Episode 21:  Adjustable Wire Spiral RingTools and Materials:

  • 18 gauge half-hard wire, about 6″, I used copper wire.
  • Ring mandrel or something cylindrical you can use that’s close to your ring size.
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers

Step #1

How to make an adjustable spiral wire ringCut approximately 6″ of wire.  Make sure both ends are flush cut.

Step #2

Make a mark with a sharpie on your round nose pliers near the tip.  You’ll use this mark to make the loops to start your spirals so that they will be uniform.  It doesn’t matter so much where this mark is, just that you use it for all the loops in your project.

Step #3

How to make an adjustable spiral wire ringHold the tip of the wire in your round nose pliers.  The wire should line up with the mark you made.  The tip should be at the top of your pliers (when you’re holding the pliers as shown in the photo), but not poking out.  You should be able to run your finger over the pliers.

Step #4

How to make an adjustable spiral wire ringTwist your wrist away from you while using your other hand to wrap the wire around the pliers.  Twist as far as your wrist will go and then readjust.  Make sure to line the wire back up on the mark you made and that the loop you’ve started is tight against the pliers.  Then complete the loop.

How to make an adjustable spiral wire ringStep #5

Adjustable Spiral Wire Ring TutorialHold the loop you just made in chain nose pliers.

Step #6

Adjustable Spiral Wire Ring TutorialStart creating the spiral by pushing the wire up, then readjusting like in step #5 and continuing until you have spiraled around a few times.

You can make your spiral larger later if you want.

Adjustable Spiral Wire Ring TutorialStep #7

On the other end of the wire, create a spiral like you just did, but in the opposite direction.  So when you hold the other end of the wire in your pliers your first spiral should point toward you.

Step #8

You can make your spirals the same, or make one larger than the other or however you wish to do it.  Make sure to leave a few inches in between the two spirals for the ring.

Step #9

Adjustable Spiral Wire Ring TutorialBend the wire around the ring mandrel.

If you have a hammer, you can hammer the ring, especially the spiral part so that it takes the shape of the ring better.  This is optional.

Adjustable Spiral Wire Ring TutorialAdjustable Spiral Wire Ring Tutorial———————————————————————————————————————-

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  1. Sara Jane Williamson says:

    Kimberly, I enjoyed your video. Also, having made wire rings for a few years, I’d never “turned” (with my thumb & finger) the spiral toward the main wire. Thanks much for that instruction. It helps greatly!

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