ECT TV Episode 2: Learn How to String a Necklace (and make Intuitive Jewelry)

ECT TV Episode 2

Notes from the show:

Creativity Tip:  Clean and organize your workspace.

Video at 01:40

Clean your workspaceWhether you have a room, table, bin or drawer, organizing and cleaning your workspace will help your creative flow.

#1  You will get your mind off of creativity.  This will actually help you come up with ideas.  My very best ideas happen when I’m doing something else.

#2  You will see your supplies.  You might find things you forgot about and get ideas of what to do with those supplies.

If you want more tips about cleaning up your workspace, click here for a full blogpost on that!

gather your beadsAs you are cleaning, grab a bowl and start to put some beads into it.  You probably have orphan beads or beads leftover from other projects.  These are the beads to grab.  Color doesn’t matter, but you can work in a certain color palate if you want.

If you are just starting with jewelry making and don’t have a stash of beads yet, I have a couple ideas for you:

#1  Go to a thrift store and find jewelry to take apart.  (See ECT TV Episode 1 for ideas on what to look for at a thrift store.)


#2  Go to the bead store or other store that sells beads and pick out beads based on your heart instead of what you think would work for a project.  Pick beads that sing to you.

Now, onto the Jewelry Tutorial

06:24 on the video

Intuitive Necklace TutorialTools and Materials:

  • Beads
  • Beading wire
  • 4 crimp beads
  • 4 crimp bead covers
  • Clasp (or scroll down to learn how to make your own)
  • Tape or a bead stopper
  • Wire cutters
  • Crimp Tool OR Chain nose pliers.

(Note: on the video I used chain nose pliers to put the crimp covers on, but you can actually use the crimp tool if you like.  I’ll show you here)

Step #1

Intuitive Necklace TutorialCut beading wire to the length you would like your necklace plus add several inches.

Step #2

Intuitive Necklace TutorialSecure one end.  You can add tape to the end like I did here, tape it down to the table itself or use a bead stopper that you can find at bead stores.

Step #3

Intuitive Necklace TutorialStart stringing beads.

This is where the intuitive part comes in.  Don’t pre-design your piece.  Just add beads as you feel.  When I say to not pre-design, I don’t mean to not “design” at all.  You don’t have to close your eyes and pick out beads.  But instead, choose each bead as you go along.  Try to just feel inside which bead to choose instead of using your head to think about it.

Continue adding beads until your necklace is as long as you want it.

Intuitive Necklace TutorialStep #4

Intuitive Necklace TutorialAdd a crimp bead, another small regular bead, a second crimp bead and one end of a clasp to the end of the wire.

Step #5

Pull the end of the wire back through the crimp bead, bead and crimp bead and then a few more beads from your necklace.

Pull the wire snugly, but leave a little bit of wiggle room for your clasp.  Beading wire does stretch out over time.

How to close a crimp bead:

Step #6

Intuitive Necklace TutorialI wanted you to be able to see this perfectly clearly, so the photos are without the necklace.  But in reality, the wire would be going through the crimp bead and this would be at the end of your necklace.

Put the crimp bead in the large notch in the crimp bead tool – the part furthest from the tip.

How to close a crimp beadClose the crimp bead tool.  It will close the crimp bead.  It will have a bend in the middle and look like the photo below.

How to close a crimp beadStep #7

How to close a crimp beadNow take the bead and put it in the notch closest to the tip.  What you’re trying to accomplish is folding that bead in half really.

Close a crimp bead Close the tool.

Closed crimp beadStep #8

Since the crimp bead isn’t very pretty when it’s closed, I like to add a crimp bead cover.  This bead looks like a “C” or a clam.

Crimp bead coverHold the crimp bead cover in a crimp tool or in chain nose pliers.

Put it around the crimp bead.

Crimp bead coverClose it.

(Remember, you would have this on the beading wire at the end of your beads.  You can watch the video if you’re confused how this fits in with the necklace.)

Watch the video at 17:29 to see how to close a crimp bead with chain nose pliers.

Step #9

Put the wire through a few of the beads from your necklace.

Check to make sure your crimp beads are secure and then cut off any excess wire.

How to make a necklaceThat’s the completed necklace.

Ideas for Customization:

  • Make a bracelet instead.
  • Make it really long, or make a choker.
  • Use absolutely any beads you want.
  • Plan your design instead of making an intuitive necklace.
  • Use any clasp.
  • Make your own clasp.

How to Make Your Own Wire Clasp:

How to make a claspTools and Materials:

  • 16 gauge wire
  • 22 gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers

Step #1

How to make a claspCut about 3 inches of 22 gauge wire.

Step #2

How to make a claspHold the wire in the tip of round nose pliers close to the tip.  The end should be at the top of the pliers, but not poking through the top.

Step #3

How to make a claspForm a loop by twisting your wrist forward, wrapping the wire around the pliers.  Twist as far as your wrist will go then readjust the wire and your wrist and complete the loop.

How to make a claspYour loop will look like a “P”.

Step #4

How to make a claspHow to make a claspHow to make a claspHold the loop in chain nose pliers, like in the first photo.  Push the wire up, like in the second photo.  Keep wrapping the wire around the middle loop.  I went around twice.

Step #5

How to make a claspBent the wire back with your pliers so the wire is straight over the spiral.

Step #6

How to make a claspNow grasp the other end of the wire in the very tip of round nose pliers.  Twist your wrist around, readjusting the wire as you go to form a coil.  As you twist, the coil will go off the pliers so you can keep using the tip to form the coil.  See the photo below.

How to make a claspHow to make a claspStep #7

How to make a claspHold the spiral in chain nose pliers.

Step #8

How to make a claspHow to make a claspTwist the spiral around so it sits on top of the spiral.

Set it aside for now.

Step #9

How to make a claspCut a 3 inch piece of 16 gauge wire.

Step #10

How to make a claspForm a “P” loop like in step #2 and step #3.

Step #11

How to make a claspApproximately 1/2 inch from the loop hold the wire in the round nose pliers at the thickest part of the barrels of the pliers.

Step #12

How to make a claspWrap the wire around forming a hook.

How to make a claspStep #13

How to make a claspSlide the coil that you made onto the wire.

Step #14

How to make a claspUsing chain nose pliers, push the spiral and coil tight against the wire.  You want it to be secure and not move.  This can be a little tricky, but just keep working with it until it’s secure.

Step #15

How to make a claspJust above the first loop, place your round nose pliers on the wire and form another hook in the opposite direction, again using the thickest part of your pliers.

Step #16

How to make a claspFinally, form another “P” loop at the end of the wire going out.

How to make a claspIdeas for Customization:

  • Instead of a spiral, just do a plain coil.
  • Leave the coil out all together and just make the clasp plain.
  • Hammer the clasp to flatten it.


Did you like making the spiral clasp?  Want to learn how to make even more spiral jewelry?  Check out my Spiral Wire Jewelry Tutorials eBook:

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  1. Sylvia Porter says:

    I really love your tutorials they have been very helpful. I’m new to the beading family and I Love everything about it. Although I don’t have a great amount of supplies, but your idea was very helpful as to going into the thrift store and purchase previous own beads. Please continue to keep the tutorials coming very inspiring.

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