ECT TV Episode 16: How to Make a Braided Bracelet

ECT TV Ep 16Braided Bracelet TutorialThis week I’ll teach you to make this quick and easy braided fabric bracelet!

Here’s the video episode:

Mother’s Day is coming up soon.  This bracelet would make a great present.  You can really customize it for your mom’s likes, favorite colors.  You can even use special fabrics or pieces of fabric from special pieces of clothing.

These are quick and simple to make and look great with a bunch stacked on your wrist!

Materials and Tools:

  • 3 different pieces of fabric.  (Or you can use the same fabric for all three strips.)
  • Wire – you can use 20 gauge, 22 gauge or 24 gauge half hard round wire.
  • 2 4mm jump rings
  • Clasp
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Another pair of pliers, such as bent nose pliers

Step #1

Braided Bracelet TutorialBraided Bracelet TutorialBraided Bracelet TutorialCut 3 strips of fabric about 1/2″ – 3/4″ wide.  Make sure the strips are long enough to go around your wrist with plenty of extra length because we’ll be braiding.

For a nice, neat look, cut the strips.  I wanted a more whimsical, shabby look, so I made a snip in the fabric and then ripped the rest of the way.

Step #2

Braided Bracelet TutorialGather all the strips at on end.  Make sure all the right sides of the fabric are facing up.

Step #3

Braided Bracelet TutorialBraided Bracelet TutorialCut off a piece of wire about 6″ or so.  Wrap the wire around a couple of inches from the end of the fabric.  Pull the wire tightly to make sure that the wire won’t slip off the fabric.

Then continue making wraps.

You don’t necessarily need to make the wraps perfectly neat because I’ll show you how to cover them.

Step #4

Braided Bracelet TutorialUsing your chain nose pliers, twist the wire.

Pull on the wire and fabric to make sure everything is secure.

Step #5

Braided Bracelet TutorialHold one end of the wire in round nose pliers just above where you made the twist.

Step #6

Braided Bracelet TutorialBraided Bracelet TutorialWrap around the pliers and in between the pliers and the twist.

Step #7

Braided Bracelet TutorialBraided Bracelet TutorialTake the loop off the round nose pliers and then hold the loop in chain nose pliers.

Continue wrapping around and then wrap the other end.  Trim off any extra wire.

Step #8

Braided Bracelet TutorialBraided Bracelet TutorialBraided Bracelet TutorialUse chain nose pliers to bend the loop up.

Step #9

Braided Bracelet TutorialTrim off the excess fabric above the wire wrapping.  Leave enough so that the wire won’t slip off.

If you prefer, you could choose to leave the excess fabric.

Step #10

Braided Bracelet TutorialBraid the 3 fabrics together.  Keep braiding for as long as you would like your bracelet.  Remember to keep in mind the extra length the clasp will add.

Step #11

Braided Bracelet TutorialFollow the same process with the wire at the other end and then trim off the excess wire.

Braided Bracelet TutorialStep #12

Braided Bracelet TutorialI wrapped another strip of fabric around the wire and tied it tightly.

Step #13

Braided Bracelet TutorialAdd a clasp to each side.

(For help with opening jump rings, I show this in the video.)

Step #14

Braided Bracelet TutorialYou can stop there and have a really cute bracelet!

Or add some bead dangles.

Step #15

Braided Bracelet TutorialAdd bead dangles.  For help with that, click here:  How to make a bead dangle.

Step #16

Braided Bracelet TutorialBraided Bracelet TutorialAdd the bead dangles using a 7mm jump ring.  Just put one fabric strip into a jump ring, add a bead dangle and close.

Braided Bracelet TutorialBraided Bracelet TutorialThen make a whole stack of them!


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