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Stacked BraceletsBracelets, oh how I love them!

I love to mix and match them and stack them together.  The stack above includes the bracelet in today’s tutorial, as well as simple strung bracelets and a double bracelet.

The warm weather is the perfect time to show off your art on your wrists.  Just keep adding bracelets until you feel like it’s enough for you.  I really don’t think there is such a thing as too many bracelets.

Here’s the Bangle Bracelet Tutorial:

Bangle BraceletI’ll teach you how to make a fabric wrapped wire bangle bracelet and then you can use some of the suggestions to make different bangle bracelets like beaded bangles or adding some bead dangles to them.

How to Make a Bangle BraceletTools and Materials:

  •  Fabric scraps (22″ long by 3/4″ wide)
  • 18 or 20 gauge wire and 24 gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Bent nose and/or needle nose pliers
  • A can or something cylindrical to form the bracelet around.

Optional for making other bangle bracelets:

  • Beads
  • Head pins to make bead dangles
  • 7 mm jump rings

Step #1

How to Make a Bangle Bracelet

How to Make a Bangle BraceletMeasure around the largest part of your hand with the 18 or 20 gauge wire.  Add about a 1/2″ extra wire.

Step #2

How to Make a Bangle BraceletForm the wire into a circle.  I used a tin can.  Be creative and see what you can find around your house.  It does not have to be exactly the right size because you can adjust the wire into a bigger circle after you get the circle formed.

Step #3

How to Make a Bangle BraceletUsing your round nose pliers, create a loop on one end of the wire.

Step #4

Make a bend in the other end of the wire to put through the loop.

Note:  if you are making a beaded bangle, you won’t be able to do this step now.  Slide your beads on first.

Step #5

How to Make a Bangle BraceletHammer the bangle.  This helps the bangle keep it’s shape.  Do not hammer near the ends.

**NOTE:  I left this part out on the video.  I have been wearing the bracelet I made without hammering it and it is holding up just fine.  So if you don’t have a hammer and steel block, don’t worry about it.

Step #6

How to Make a Bangle BraceletCut a strip of fabric about 22″ long and 3/4″ wide.  I just tore my fabric instead of using scissors because I wanted that frayed look.

Step #7

How to Make a Bangle BraceletStart wrapping the fabric around one end of the wire.  I like to start at the end with the loop.

Step #8

How to Make a Bangle BraceletCut off several inches of the 24 gauge wire.

Step #9

How to Make a Bangle BraceletIMG_4277How to Make a Bangle BraceletWrap the 24 gauge wire around the end of the fabric.  Make sure to pull tightly and make sure that the fabric is secure.

Use pliers to make sure the wire ends are pushed in.

Step #10

How to Make a Bangle BraceletContinue wrapping the fabric strip all the way around the bangle.

Note:  if your fabric has one right side, make sure to keep that side on the top.

Step #11

How to Make a Bangle BraceletAfter you have wrapped the entire bangle, use wire to secure the other side as well.

Step #12

How to Make a Bangle BraceletThen close the little wire that you bent up and put it through the loop.  Close the bangle by pushing that little wire down.

How to Make a Bangle BraceletVariations:

How to Make a Bangle BraceletMake a beaded bangle instead.

How to Make a Bangle BraceletBeads and fabric, both!

Fabric with bead dangles:


How to Make a Bangle BraceletHow to make a Bangle BraceletTo make this one, just follow the instructions above.

How to make a Bangle BraceletThen use the Simple Dangle Earring Tutorial to make bead dangles.

How to make a Bangle BraceletAttach the bead dangles with jump rings.  I used 7 mm jump rings.

How to Make a Bangle BraceletMy dangles do not slide around, but I think it’s okay if they do slide around.

You could also make beaded bangle and add bead dangles to it.

Make several and pile them on all at once for a great look.


How to Make a Bangle Bracelet

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