Earrings Every Day Month – the Details

Earrings Every Day Month

Last September I held Earrings Every Day Month and it was so much fun with so many earrings being made!  So I decided to do it again this year!

Chain and Wire Earrings


Challenges are great for your creativity.  And earrings are usually a small time commitment.  You can take just a few minutes, make beautiful jewelry and then be able to wear your creativity all day.  You can even wake up in the morning and make a pair to match your outfit for the day.

You don’t need a lot of tools or materials.

You can, of course, get very creative and make elaborate earrings that take more time, but you’ll get the effect of this daily challenge if you make simple earrings as well.

Doing a daily challenge will jump start your creativity.

And remember, I’m not saying make a pair of earrings each day forever.  It’s just for one month!

Leaf Earrings


The challenge starts on September 1st and runs throughout the month of September.  If you miss the beginning, you can jump in any time.  (But I suggest started on the first if at all possible.)

Chandelier Earrings


This is an earrings challenge.  So each day make a pair of earrings.  It’s that simple.

If you want free daily email reminders with inspiration, you can sign up here.

If you want daily earrings tutorials emailed to you each morning, you can sign up for Earrings eCourse that follows along with Earrings Every Day Month.  You’ll get an email with an earring tutorial each day.  Sometimes the tutorials are PDF eBooks, sometimes they are videos and other times the tutorials include both video and PDF eBooks.

With Earrings eCourse you’ll also have access to a private page that holds all the tutorials so you can return to it again and again easily.  (You won’t have to save every single email to have the tutorials.  I save them all for you on the page.)

For the free version, the emails are inspiration in nature, but I’ll be sending you some tutorials as well.

Dangle Earrings

How does it work?

You can participate in any way you like.  Obviously I will be making earrings each and every day and I think it’s great if you do, too.  But you don’t have to do it every day if you don’t have time.

The more you make the more benefit you’ll get out Earrings Every Day Month to your jewelry making skills and your creativity.  But if you “fall behind” don’t worry about it.  Just jump right in.

I know that I’ve done daily or weekly challenges and got behind and then felt like I couldn’t complete it because I couldn’t catch up.  I don’t want you to feel that way.  If you make a pair of earrings each week, that’s four more earrings than you had before.  If you make one pair of earrings in the month, that’s an extra pair of earrings.

Find a way that works for you.

To be successful in this challenge, I suggest you get ready for it.  Have your supplies and tools gathered in one easy location so you have everything ready.  Read here about getting ready for Earrings Every Day Month.

Layered Wire Wrapped Earrings

How to share:

If you would like to share what you’re working on, I would love to see it and so would everyone else participating!

You can share on Instagram using the hashtag #EEDM

You can upload a photo onto my Facebook page.

Note:  Do not feel like you have to share in all those places!  🙂  Just choose what works for you.  Or don’t share at all if you don’t want to.

I know a lot of you are shy, but it feels so great to share what you’re making with a group of supportive people.

how to make earrings


Here are the links you need for this online event:

For the FREE version of the Earrings Every Day Month emails, click here.

To check out and purchase Earrings eCourse for daily earring tutorials, click here.

My Instagram feed is here:  @KimberlieKohler

Remember the hashtag is #EEDM

My Facebook page is here:  Emerging Creatively Tutorials

Read how to get ready for Earrings Every Day Month here:  Getting Ready for Earrings Every Day Month.

Let me know if you have any questions.  We have just a few days left before we get started!  I’m so excited!

Earrings eCourse 2015

You can still get in on the premium version of the challenge with Earrings eCourse.  And I just added a handy payment plan so you can make weekly payments over the month we’re doing the challenge!  Check out Earrings eCourse here.

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