Earrings Every Day Month, Days 16, 17 and 18

Earrings Every Day Month, Days 16, 17 and 18

Today is Day 18 of Earrings Every Day Month and I’m sharing the earrings I’m making each day as we go along!

If you didn’t get in to sign up for the challenge, you can still participate just by making a pair of earrings each day!

Today I’m catching up on sharing the last few days of my earrings.

Day 16:  Hammered Earrings

Earrings Every Day Month, Day 16

I love how these earrings look when I’m wearing them.  The little hammered parts catch the light and they’re shiny.

Day 17:  Wire Wrapped Earrings

Earrings Every Day Month, Day 17

This technique is great to use with odd shaped stones and I used some rose quartz stones to make these earrings.

Day 18:  Tiered Caged Bead Earrings

Earrings Every Day Month, Day 18

I love the colors of these beads (a light yellow and an olive) and wanted to use them together for these earrings.

This month is just flying by!  I cannot believe how quickly it’s going by, but I’m so glad to have a pair of earrings from each day to kind of track the month.

Tomorrow there will be a free earring tutorial on my biweekly ECT TV video series.

Are you caught up?  Have you made earrings every day?  If not, no worries.  Even if you just make one pair of earrings this month, it’s one more pair than you had previously.

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