Earrings Every Day Month, Days 12, 13 and 14

Earrings Every Day Month, Days 12, 13 and 14

Today is Day 14 of Earrings Every Day Month and I’m sharing the earrings I’m making each day as we go along!

If you didn’t get in to sign up for the challenge, you can still participate just by making a pair of earrings each day!

Today I’m catching up on sharing the last few days of my earrings.

Day 12:  Upcycled Chandelier Crystal Earrings

Earrings Every Day Month, Day 12

For these earrings, I wire wrapped the chandelier crystals to make them a dangle.  Then I made wire wrapped bead dangles from the faux pearls and put them all together.  I also made my own earring wires.  (I made my own earring wires for all of these earrings actually.)

Day 13:  Spiral and Caged Bead Earrings

Earrings Every Day Month, Day 13

Ugh, I wasn’t even going to share these earrings because I made a mess of the cage part on the right earrings especially, but I’m only human and sometimes things aren’t perfect.  In person, they don’t look as terrible.  I do like the little squiggly and spiral piece on the end that I made.

Day 14:  Chain and Wire Earrings

Earrings Every Day Month, Day 14

I basically followed my own tutorial to the letter for these.  The beads are upcycled from a vintage necklace that I purchased recently.  I bought it for a different part of the necklace that had rhinestones and it was a great price just for that part of the necklace, so I’m glad I was able to use the beads from the necklace as well.

Earrings Every Day Month, Day 14

We’re moving right along with our Earrings Every Day Month challenge.  I can’t believe how quickly it’s going by!

Tomorrow there will be a free earring tutorial on my biweekly ECT TV video series.

Are you caught up?  Have you made earrings every day?  If not, no worries.  Even if you just make one pair of earrings this month, it’s one more pair than you had previously.

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