Earrings Every Day Month, Day 8

Earrings Every Day Month, Day 8

Today is Day 8 of Earrings Every Day Month and I’m sharing the earrings I’m making each day as we go along!

If you didn’t get in to sign up for the challenge, you can still participate just by making a pair of earrings each day!  🙂

Spiral Button Earrings

Today’s prompt was to use an “unconventional” material to make a pair of earrings or if you’re in the Earrings eCourse then I gave you the tutorial for these particular spiral and button earrings.

I have the unconventional in quotes because I don’t really think that buttons are so unconventional to make jewelry anymore.  I almost think of them as beads.

I made these fun earrings and looking at them, you don’t even realize that they’re buttons.

Have you made your Day 8 earrings yet?  How’s the challenge going?  (And really, if you’ve only made a few pairs of earrings or even just one, that’s more than you had before, right?)

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