Earring Wire Tutorial

Earring Wire Tutorial

I admit, I purchased earring wires to use in my jewelry designs forever.  Even after I conquered wire wrapping, I continue to use bought earring wires.

Then one day I tried to make my own.  It is SO QUICK & EASY!  I couldn’t believe I haven’t been making them all along!

A few tips:

  • In this particular tutorial I use a ring mandrel, but I often use a pen or marker to make the curve.
  • It’s really helpful to make them in pairs so that the pair is identical.

Earring Wire Tutorial Tools and Materials

Materials and Tools:

  • Wire, about 1.5 – 2 inches, 20 gauge
  • Wire cutters
  • Round nose pliers
  • Ring mandrel or some other round item:  dowel rod, pen, highlighter, etc.
  • Jewelry file

Step #1

Earring Wire Tutorial Step #1

Earring Wire Tutorial Step #1

Cut 2 pieces of wire to approximately 2 inches.  (You can use more or less depending on how large you would like your earring wires.  Just make sure they are exactly the same length.)

Make sure each end of the wires has a flush cut.

Hold one wire in round nose pliers.  The wire should be at the top of the pliers, but not poking through.

Twist your wrist away from you while wrapping the wire around the pliers.

Go as far as your wrist will allow, readjust the wire in the pliers and complete the loop.

Complete one loop on each wire.

Step #2

Earring Wire Tutorial Step #2

Wrap the wire around the ring mandrel (or pen, highlighter, dowel rod, etc.)  Push both sides around.

Earring Wire Tutorial Step #2

Go a little bit around the bottom, too.  (You don’t want a complete circle.)

Make sure to keep the little loop straight and don’t let it slip to the side.

Typically I’ll line up both wires and bend them at the same time.

Earring Wire Tutorial Step #2

Step #3

Earring Wire Tutorial Step #2

Use chain nose pliers to create a bit of a bend in the wire.

Step #4

How to Make Earring Wires, Emerging Creatively Tutorials

File the ends with a jewelry file or burr cup.

How to Make Earring Wires, Emerging Creatively Tutorials

Now you can use these to make your own earrings!

This is one tutorial included in my free Quick Start Guide to Wire Wrapped Jewelry!  Get a solid base in making wire jewelry in 10 days!  (The guide includes videos, including a video for making earring wires!)

Get started here:  Quick Start Guide to Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Quick Start Guide


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