Earring Storage: Canvas Earring Holders

Canvas Earring Holders

Last September, we had Earrings Every Day Month (and we’re doing it again this September as well!)

At the time, I didn’t have a particularly good earring storage solution for the large quantity of earrings I have.  I wrote about a few ideas for earring organization here.

I had made this canvas earring holder, but it was really too small.  Then I filled up an earring holder during the Earrings Every Day Month Challenge, but it was sort of frustrating and I didn’t have a great place to put it and it was full, too.

I have more wall space than space to place things on counters, so I returned to my canvas earring holder idea, but this time with not only more canvases (I made 4), but also larger canvases.

I love this solution because all my earrings are hanging on display.  Not only are they pretty to look at, but when I’m choosing my jewelry I can see all my choices.  It also got me to organize them better.  I thought I was missing an earring to a pair for a couple of my favorite earrings, but it ended up they were just separated and I had them all along.

If storage is an issue for you and you have more wall space than counter space, this may be a good solution for your earrings, too.

While I was making these, I shot some photos to do an updated tutorial!

DIY Earring Storage

How to Make a Canvas Earring Holder

DIY Earring Storage

Tools and Materials:

  • Canvas (or canvases – the kind where the canvas is stretched over a frame.)
  • Tissue paper
  • A variety of lace and ribbon
  • Floral wire
  • Mod Podge
  • 2 Nails
  • Staple gun (if you don’t have one, you can use more nails)
  • Hammer
  • Scissors

Step #1

DIY Earring Storage

Prepare you canvas.

You can do this in any way you like really.  You could paint it or really even just leave it plain.

I used a tissue paper technique, which is the same technique I used in my original Canvas Earring Holder.

DIY Earring Storage

Add Mod Podge to you canvas.  I really added a thick layer.  In fact, I just poured it on and then used a foam brush to smooth it out.  (Warning:  that technique is pretty messy!)

Don’t forget the sides of the canvas, too.

DIY Earring Storage

Then I put the tissue paper on the canvas and kind of crinkled it up like above.  Do the sides, too.

If you rip the tissue paper, you can just add a small piece in to cover the hole.

I also went over the top to make sure there were no air bubbles or weird bumps.

Step #2

Allow the glue to dry

Step #3

Lay your ribbon or lace across the canvas and cut pieces long enough to go across and around to the back so you can secure them into the wood frame in the back.

I love using lace for this because you can hook the earrings into the lace anywhere.  Ribbon will work, too, but it doesn’t feel as secure to me because you’d be hooking the earrings over the ribbon.

Consider how dangly your earrings are when you decide how close together to place the lace.

I used 4 to 5 pieces of ribbon on each and I used a variety of different lace.

Step #4

DIY Earring Storage

Wrap the lace across the canvas and secure in the back on each side with a staple gun.  Originally I had used nails to secure the lace and that worked fine, but the staple gun is so much quicker.

Step #5

DIY Earring Storage

DIY Earring Storage

Add a wire holder for your canvas earring holder.  I used a nail on each side and then wrapped wire around each nail to make a hanger.

Step #6

DIY Earring Storage

Hang them on your wall and fill up with earrings!

DIY Earring Storage

I hope you find that helpful!

Now, if you need earrings to fill up your storage, I have a fun way to do it!  Starting September 1st I’m doing Earrings Every Day Month again this year!  Last year it was so much fun and I hope you’ll join us.

There are 2 versions:  Free and Paid.

The free version includes daily emails with inspiration photos and occasional tutorials and links to tutorials on my blog.

The paid version is Earrings eCourse.  With it you get daily tutorials in either video form or PDF eBook.  (More about that soon!)

More information will be available soon, but you can get on the list to be the first to get information here.

I hope to see you in September!



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