Earring Organization

Earring Organization

Since we’ve started Earrings Every Day Month, I know a lot of us are going to have a lot more earrings pretty quickly here!

We’re going to need a way to organize them and possibly display them!

Here are 4 ways to do that:

1.  Traditional Earring Holder

Earring Storage

I got this on sale a Michaels (and had a coupon as well!)  It holds a lot of earrings and spins around.

This is probably my favorite solution for earrings right now because it holds so many and is so convenient.  Since I took this on Day 1 of Earrings Every Day, I just have 1 pair of earrings so far.

2.  Canvas Earring Holder


I made this myself a couple ears ago and while it’s pretty, I’ve completely run out of room on it.

I have a tutorial on how to make your own Canvas Earring Holder.

I’m thinking about making a much bigger one, but different than this one.  I’m thinking I’ll paint the background and just punch holes through the canvas itself to hang the earrings.  I’ll let you know when/if I do that.

3.  Individual Earring Holders

Earrings holder

I got these earring holders for my stand for craft shows and my retail space, but they look pretty on your dresser displaying your favorite pairs of earrings as well!  It doesn’t necessarily solve the storage issue, but it’s a great way to display your favorite pairs of earrings when you’re not wearing them.

4.  Pretty jars or teacups

Earring holder

At my craft show booth or retail space I loved the look of earrings hanging on glass jars or teacups.  It started when I was taking photos of earrings for my online store and couldn’t quite get them to hang.  Then I placed them on a jar like above.

On my dresser, I have a jar where earrings hang all around the top and then you can put other jewelry like bracelets in the jar.

I hope that helps you organize your earrings! 

Tier Earrings

Need some to make?  I have a couple new earring patterns!  Check out the Tier Earrings Pattern or check out the Bunch Earrings Pattern.  You’ll get the tutorial instructions plus lots of inspiration and examples of how to custom your earrings to really make them personalized!

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