Design Inspiration: Winter

Design Inspiration:  Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for a lot of people.  I know I start to feel stuck inside.  I hate the cold and the snow can make it difficult to get around.

However, wintertime can be a great time to really practice your jewelry making skills.  (You’re kind of stuck inside anyway, right?)  And there are some really beautiful colors. The sky is often this gorgeous shade of blue.  And as much as snow is annoying to deal with it is quite beautiful, isn’t it?

Snow in Lititz, PA

Here are a few of my past articles about inspiration in wintertime:

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A quote to inspire you during winter:  In the Depth of Winter

Snow tree

Find something that you love about winter and focus on that.  Or at the very least you can remember:

I heard a bird sing

In the dark of December.

A magical thing

And sweet to remember.

“We are nearer to Spring

Than we were in September,”

I heard a bird sing

In the dark of December.

I Heard a Bird Sing by Oliver Herford

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