Design Inspiration: Waterfalls

Design Inspiration:  Waterfalls

As I mentioned last week, the question I get most often is where do my design inspirations come from.  So often that I’ve started this regular feature here on my blog to hopefully inspire you as well.

I mention this often.  My biggest inspiration for jewelry making (and really everything in my life) comes from nature.  I love to spend time in nature.  I love trees and rivers and flowers.  But most of all I love waterfalls.


In ECT TV Episode 32 I showed you how to make a Waterfall Necklace.  The inspiration for this necklace came from my trip to Niagara Falls, the largest waterfalls I have been to.  I’ve been to all shapes and sizes of waterfalls all over Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and New York.  Sometimes they involve hiking down a long and difficult trail.  Sometimes they are right off the road.  Sometimes they have become big tourist attractions.  Sometimes they are still in all of their natural beauty.  Truly, I love them all.

Why do I love waterfalls so much?  They are simply gorgeous to behold.  I love the water falling from one level to another and the sound they make.  They are soothing and make me feel happy and content.  In fact, there is a scientific reason why I feel this way around waterfalls.  The negative ions created by the waterfall create positive feelings.

Niagara Falls

So of course, I want to have a memory of the positive feelings that I have when I visit a waterfall and what better way than to make a piece of jewelry.

Waterfall Necklace

This is my interpretation of a waterfall in necklace form.

I have chains cascading down in different lengths.  I’ve added blue and white beads to represent the colors in the waterfall.

You don’t have to do something so literal.  Perhaps you’ll simply use the colors or something to represent the water cascading.  Maybe it won’t be either of those things but instead you represent how you feel when you’re at a waterfall.

If you’re interested in making this necklace, check out ECT TV Episode 32.  I give you the general idea of how to make the necklace, but I highly encourage you to simply use it as inspiration and come up with your own personal representation of a waterfall to you.


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