Design Inspiration: Creations Directly Inspired from Architecture

Creative Inspiration from traveling - Lyndhurst Mansion

One of my most asked questions is where do I get the inspiration for my jewelry.

The easy answer is actually everywhere.  My experience, feelings, things I see, nature, materials themselves, etc., etc. is seen in my creations.

But that answer isn’t particularly helpful.

I started thinking about really how I am inspired and how that translates into my jewelry creations and I realized that I have a lot to say about this.  So I’ve decided to start a series on it.

The series will be on Thursdays from next week on, even though I know today isn’t, in fact, Thursday.

Today we’re starting with direct architecture inspiration.

Lyndhurst Mansion

A couple of years ago my family went to Sleepy Hollow, New York for a Halloween vacation.  Sleepy Hollow is a cute town with lots of history and tons of fun stuff to do around Halloween especially.  The above photo is the Lyndhurst Mansion, which is in a nearby town.  We visited it and it’s beautiful grounds while we were there.

If you’re interested in learning more about Lyndhurst, click here for my husband’s blog.  He actually has several posts about Sleepy Hollow if you want learn more.

Lyndhurst Rose Garden

Outside is this gorgeous rose garden with a pretty gazebo.

Lyndhurst Rose Garden Gazebo

It had this beautiful design.

As you probably know, I love working with wire and I got very inspired by the pattern on the gazebo.

Once I got home I was looking at my photos again and got inspired to make a pair of earrings.

Lyndhurst wire wrapped earrings

They’re not perfect and the perfectionist in my wants to remake these earrings.  (And I probably will soon because now I’m feeling inspired to do that!)

The earrings are very directly inspired by that design in the gazebo.

Lyndhurst Mansion Creative Inspiration

Of course, you can be inspired and influenced by architecture and not have such a direct visible inspiration, but that’s for another day.

How to be Inspired by Architecture & Create a Design Based on It:

  • The most important thing is that you have to be aware of what’s around you.  In my example here I was on vacation so I was probably more observant than I would normally be, but you can find interesting and inspiring shapes all around you.  Just pay attention.
  • Capture your inspiration in some way.  I took a photo of my inspiration to be reminded of it later.  You could also draw a sketch of it to use as inspiration later.
  • In my example, the design was simple and easy to translate into jewelry.  However, you may find something a little more complex.  Simplify it.  Draw a sketch and simplify it so that it’s still obviously inspired by your inspiration, but in a form that you can translate into wire or whatever you plan to do.

Your homework is to get out there and check out the world around you.  Go for a walk being observant and remember your camera and/or sketchpad!


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