Customize your Wire Wrapped Key Brooch

Customize Your Wire Wrapped Key Brooch

wire wrapped key brooch

Yesterday I posted my Wire Wrapped Key Brooch Tutorial.

Here are some ideas for wearing/using:

  • Wear as you would any brooch/pin.
  • Close a shawl or sweater with it.
  • Adorn a scarf.
  • Put it on a hat.
  • Pin it on your purse.
  • Put it on a thick, strong necklace or chain.
  • Attach it to a headband or hair tie and wear it in your hair!

key brooches  8 Ways to Customize the Wire Wrapped Key Brooch:

  1. Experiment with different beads, different colors of wires, adding in unexpected or unusual embellishments.
  2. Try weaving in novelty yarn with the wire.
  3. Add a stone or other special item.
  4. Add charms as you are wrapping.
  5. Add a special vintage brooch – just thread the wire through the pin as you are wrapping.
  6. Add some bead dangles.
  7. Think of it as a 3D collage or sculpture and let your imagination run wild!
  8. Use seed beads and add tons of them to the wire as you are wrapping.  Try doing rainbow colors, or just pick your favorite color.

Have Fun!!

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