Creativity and finding it again (it’s in there!)

CreativityCreativity is one of those words that gets thrown around and people have different definitions and ideas about what it means.

*  I have been told I’m creative even when I definitely didn’t feel it.

*  I have been told I’m not creative even when I definitely was.

Everyone is creative in some way.  It’s in the way you solve problems, manage your household, cook meals or maybe it’s in your paintings or photography.

All of us are creative as children and I think that’s because our fears aren’t blocking our creativity yet.  No one has told us that our work is not good enough and we haven’t faced the cold, harsh reality of others’ fears and criticisms getting in our way.

The great thing is we can find our way to creativity again.  You can shove those fears aside and get creative.

For example, I always thought I couldn’t cook or that it wasn’t for me.  I can’t exactly remember where I got that idea to be honest.  But this past year I have made all kinds of things I would have never attempted previously.  I no longer think that I can’t cook and I actually really like to cook.

Creativity QuoteThe same is true with anything.  I somewhere got into my head that painting was something I could not do.  It’s something my more creative friends did.  When I finally tried painting and loved it.  Now painting is something I regularly do and this year it’s something I want to do even more of!

Sometimes you just need to give something a little try.  Make mistakes.  Make gorgeous mistakes and learn what you love and how you can creativity make it your own.  There isn’t one right way to do anything.  That’s what creativity is!

What is something that you always wanted to do but never did because you ~ were told you couldn’t ~ felt like you weren’t talented enough ~ felt like you weren’t creative enough ~ felt like you weren’t good enough?

Think deep down:

  • Did you always want to write a novel?
  • Did you always want to take photography?
  • Did you always want to draw?
  • Did you always want to make jewelry?

Now try it!  Don’t use excuses like money or lack of knowledge.  You can find everything you need to know right here on the internet and you can find ways around expensive equipment (you can borrow or rent a lot of things!)

Once you get the basic techniques down, it’s time to get more creative!

What exactly do I mean by that?

Well, put your own flair to it.  Change it up.  Do it in a different way.  One of my biggest thrills in teaching people how to make jewelry is to see how different they make from my original idea.

How are you going to be creative?

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